July 19, 2010


I have been in a serious nesting phase the last couple of weeks, and I am wanting to make some serious improvements to our home. I've let my darling husband get away with his bachelor ways for too long now [uh, the chrome TV stand seriously needs to go] and I feel like I'm failing in my wifely duties by not sprucing things up a bit. I've painted some walls here & there, but nothing major has been accomplished.

My first big task is going to be the master bedroom. It's really sort of just a *place where we sleep.* I want it to be a sanctuary. We currently have an old dresser that matches our old bed [now in the guest bedroom] and a king sized mattress on two metal railings. That's it. No paint on the walls, icky carpet, everything.

I have figured that the headboard is where I need to start, and then I can work around that. We spend so much time in that room, I want it to be a place to retreat to. Right now it's just another room that holds all my dirty clothes. Awesome.

However, we're on a budget, which means I need to find some cheap yet chic alternatives to our home improvement project. These are some of the alternatives I have found thus far:

This is merely a piece of plywood board that has been sanded down, stained & propped. It has some possibilities.

I have always *loved* the rustic headboard look. This is done with two window panels. They removed the glass, threw some board up in the back for safety & then applied some fabric into the square panels with some spray adhesive. And I LOVE that their night stands are shelves on the wall. Genius!

Love. love. love. So easy. So chic.

This is actually what I think I have been leaning towards. Something easy & yet extremely personal. I've considered doing a variation of this but with some of my own designed art work pieces mixed in with the personal pieces. I would love to throw some skinny book shelves on the sides of the beds serve as night stands [storage & practicality!].

What do you think? Any great ideas for do it yourself headboards?


I'm a beach girl at heart! said...

I want to do the picture thing over our bed! I love it!

liberal army wife said...

Love that picture headboard.