July 29, 2010

New York City

As I mentioned last week or so, I headed up to New York City last weekend for a couple of days to see my mom. It was sort of a mother/daughter trip -- something that I don't think we had ever really done before. All in all, it was a fantastic weekend. I LOVE New York City. It truly is one of the greatest places on Earth. I could honestly see myself living there. I think my husband, too, has admitted that he could handle the hustle and bustle of Manhattan. More than likely somewhere down by NYU & Greenwich Village would be our little cup of tea, and while I doubt this fantasy will ever be more than just that, it's nice to try and pretend that we could ever afford (or even just COULD) move out there.

But, it was still a great time. We ended up seeing three shows over the course of the weekend. Friday night was Memphis, which if you go to NYC, you MUST see this musical. It just won the Tony for Best Musical, and I am telling you, it's worth it. Saturday we dropped in on Mamma Mia!, which was a colossal disappointment. Seriously. I had heard so many great things about it (and LOVE the movie) but by the end, we pretty much figured it was a waste of our money. It was sad.

Sunday, however, we made up for it by seeing Promises, Promises. I have a HUGE crush on Kristen Chenowith. Like ... huge. And Sean Hayes was the male lead. His performance alone blew me out of the water. That boy can sing!! But it was very fantastic. Hands down the best show of the weekend.

We of course ate a TON of great food. It was blazing hot the entire time, but it didn't stop us from doing a little bit of everything -- carriage rides through Central Park, an afternoon at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Friday morning at the Today Show, lots and lots of cocktails -- it was a great weekend.

And of course, as a photographer, I was in heaven!

Remember the Soup Man from that episode of Seinfeld? NO SOUP FOR YOU! Yeah, our hotel was three doors down. Apparently, in 2004, the guy who owns this place shut down (also, just a little fun fact -- Jerry Seinfeld is forever banned from eating there. Apparently, he wasn't thrilled with the Soup Nazi title). But the Wednesday prior to us getting there, he reopened for business. Yum!

One of the Picasso rooms at the Met.

On Saturday, we went to a Farmers Market down at Union Square (not far from NYU). The produce selection was amazing! If I had a farmer's market like this, I would never shop at a grocery store again. And I love that in a city as big as NYC, they promote local growers.

All of my knitting friends are in heaven right now. :)


Times Square.

Just a random couple. :)

So, yeah. I love New York. I have been travelling so much this summer. Every month since April I've been on the road for whatever reason, and it's not slowing down anytime soon. But this trip was worth it. I had such a great time. Glad to be home, but it was a blast.


liberal army wife said...

personally, I don't like NYC... the yarn picture could change my mind!

Brittany said...

law, you would have LOVED this farmers market -- i promise. it was a very ironic experience, and i noticed that NYC is very big on promoting local products, including produce and hand made items. it was very cool to see and sort of gave me this new respect for the city.

I'm a beach girl at heart! said...

I am SO Jealous! I want to go to NY so bad! I LOVE the picture of the farmers market! WOW! I wish I had one of those here! Guess a trip to NY may be in the near future!

Stevie said...

You make me wanna take pretty pictures, too...I love the way you frame things! You are a talented pretty picture taker, lady :0).