July 31, 2010

Saturday Alone

my husband has to work a 24-hour shift today [9am today until 9am tomorrow] which means i have my entire saturday alone.

i hate that he's gone, but i love days like this.

drinking coffee on the couch, catching up on my blog[s], trying to come up with a plan as to what exactly i want to do today -- i love it. i received an invitation to meet up for coffee with a girl that i've been chatting with on twitter. she's local [obviously] and for the most part seems pretty cool. turns out she knows another one of my real-life friends, who may or may not be joining us for a mid-afternoon latte as well. i love meeting new people, & am looking forward to the possibility of expanding my friends.

i also am very much looking forward to using this day to decompress. things have been somewhat stressful on the work front, with my boss being promoted, the extra workload that comes with her making the transition, & wondering if i will get her previous position or not. there's a lot of tension between myself & my co-worker, who also applied for said position. she is extremely difficult to deal with, & for whatever reason is seriously threatened by me [words of others, not my own] which makes working with her nearly impossible. the stealing of projects, the throwing me under the bus, the flat out lying and defiance -- it's exhausting dealing with her on a day to day basis. if she received this position over me? [which, she shouldn't -- i have more experience, better education & all around a better relationship with the powers that be, INCLUDING my now out-going boss, who will be in on the interview process] -- but to imagine that situation? i will quit. i will begin the process of gathering my things and give my notice.

working for her would be death.

so yes ... lots of stress. throw in that my husband will potentially be gone for the next three weeks & that we are in no way shape or form succeeding on the baby-making front, & my life is exhausting right now.

so taking this time, this decompression, so get a few things done around the house -- i'm looking forward to it. i love saturdays. & i love saturdays alone just a wee bit more. :)

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