September 5, 2010

Change, please?

Um. Hi.

Been a while. Holy crap.

By the way? I am totally craving ice cream. Just sayin'.

It's been a rough couple of weeks in our lives. Work is kicking my ass -- and I'm not particularly enjoying it, seeing as how working my tail off does me NO good, my coworker is a biznatch & my relationship with my boss is pretty much in the toilet. I tired of feeling unappreciated, while also being told that in order to move up the ladder, I need to suck up more. So, I've hit the "just getting by" mode.

Go to work. Get shit done. Go home.

We also had to bury our beagle last week, due to a pretty brutal attack by our neighbors dog. It's been rough, because we love our fur babies like they are real babies. We have also been the ones to be punished by the county (we're being fined, and they wanted to deem our dog "dangerous." HA! A beagle ... dangerous! IDIOTS). It's been a mess.

I'm just feeling like enough is enough. I trying to build on some connections that I have made, in hopes that I can start a freelance company, or at least start getting some freelance work. I'm tired of working in an office -- I REALLY want to work from home and decide my own schedule. Actually, I really would just like to take a break from working all together, but I know that's not feasible. At all. Financially, we just can't afford it. But whatever --- I'll take working from home any day!

So we will see what the future brings. I'm hoping that somebody can help me out and point me in the right direction. I need a change. I'm not happy right now and I just need something different in my life. Somethings creative -- doing what I LOVE to do.

We will see. Hopefully it happens soon!

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