September 23, 2010

Peer Pressure

I completely suck at blogging. I used to LOVE it. In fact, I still do love it. But I have found that time has been an issue for me lately, as well as finding a voice. But I've recently been peer pressured into blogging more [*ahem* .... you know who you are. :)] so I'm going to make an attempt.

I have another blog out there in the blogosphere that I would consider pretty successful. My monthly traffic lingers around 4,500 hits a month, which is pretty decent for a website that consists of nothing but ramblings. September saw a whopping six posts from me, and still my traffic stays high. I don't get it. But I also have a VOICE over there. A consistent theme that for the last two years I have stuck to. A voice that a lot of people can relate to.

But I sort of got tired of that voice [hence, only six posts this month]. Not that I don't love the life that I lead, or the things that i do. But that purpose has started to wear on me. I sort of need a break. Blogging over there, more or less, has become a chore. And I definitely don't like that feeling. Which is why I started this blog, and didn't really mention it to people. I wanted to start fresh, and to open my world to things that didn't necessarily fit over there, but that I loved none the less.

But finding that voice -- that one thing to keep the posts coming -- has been difficult. I feel sort of random here. Like I don't really have something to stick to. Just me, writing. Random things.

Maybe it's a good thing. I wanted a place where nobody knew me. Where I could say the things that I wanted to say honestly, without fear of backlash from friends or family. A very small handful of people know about this site, and they are all people that I trust completely to not judge or cast me away for something that I have said. Anybody else who finds their way over here is extra, and welcome! [Hello!]

But I feel like I need a purpose to write, and I haven't really found that purpose yet -- a reason to keep people coming. I will get there, I suppose. Eventually. And in the mean time, I'll just keep writing my random thoughts down, and thanks to the peer pressure, I will try to do it more often ;)

That is all. :)


liberal army wife said...

So why do we need a purpose to blog? sometimes, the purpose is to just let it out.. ramble on and chat, or get loud and mad.


Tucker said...

I say go with the random and your purpose will become apparent! And thanks for still lurving me even though I peer pressure you into blogging! <3

Stacy Fiore said...

RANDOM IS AWESOME! I felt the same when I was trying to stick to one thing on raising chaos and it started becoming a chore. Now, I write what I want and I find I want to write...just let it out, I want to hear all your random ramblings because, well, I love them!