September 26, 2010

Taking A Holistic Approach

I've been trying to make some changes to my diet and habits lately, in an attempt to move this whole "I want to have a baby" thing along. My husband & I have not had the best of luck, but I am determined to not see a fertility doctor.

You might say I was a little stubborn. Ok ... a lot stubborn.

I really want this to be as holistic as I can possibly make it. The hippie in me wants to do this naturally, free of drugs and tests and chemicals. I know that at some point, I will give in and go see a doctor if I don't get pregnant soon [it's been almost a year since we started trying again], but for now I'm pushing the holistic approach.

This means herbs. Lots of herbs. I'm also trying to cut out the things that I know to not be very condusive to trying to get preggers. The wine is hard, because I love my wine. The coffee is even harder. I'm from Seattle. Coffee runs through my veins. And I've been drinking it for so long, that the headaches when I do try to quit are a major bitch. But -- baby steps, no pun intended! I need to do everything that I can, change what can be changed & fix what needs to be fixed to feel good about making this work.

I'm also going to start doing some more reading on the topic. I've found some really great books about fertility and am looking forward to starting those. I need to get over this worry & fear that it will never happen again & concentrate on being HAPPY. I know the moment I let it all go and stop worrying will be the moment it happens for us again. Easier said then done on so many levels, but I will continue to stay positive!

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