December 10, 2010

About Damn Time

Well, I finally got my HSG test scheduled today.

Can we get a big fat HOORAY for that one??!

Today is technically what I was expecting to be CD1, but no confirmation yet. Although, I have a good feeling that if it doesn't happen today, it will happen tomorrow. Because we are Army, the clinics are not open on the weekends to make appointments, which means I would have had to wait until Monday to schedule anything. Last time that happened [last month] there were no more appointments available in my time frame.

Waiting really, really sucks.

Fearing that AF would come tomorrow, I made the executive decision to call and schedule it. Luckily, my current appointment date is December 22nd. Which, if CD1 comes today, that would put me at CD13 on appointment date. If it doesn't happen today, then i have some wiggle room. Wiggle room is good.

I'm glad it worked out this way, but more than anything I am so damn ready to start this process. My nurse has told me that assuming everything comes back clear, they would get me started on chlomid for that next cycle. So, by mid-January, we will be full blown on the infertility band wagon.

I'm somewhat nervous about the HSG test. I've heard many different versions of what it feels like, and am sort of preparing for the worst. I'm sure it will be nothing [if anything just uncomfortable]. I'd be ok with that.

So here goes nothing!


Slackie O. said...

My HSG would have been a walk in the park, except the doc who performed it didn't seem to know how to use a speculum. I guess he was more accustomed to x-raying arms & legs...

I'm guessing that wasn't the norm. Good luck!

Brittany said...

Sorry your experience wasn't good!! I've heard it's a little bit of both -- uncomfortable but not so bad at the same time. We will see! Thanks!!