January 20, 2011

back to reality*


What a week.

The hubs & I have been in the Pacific Northwest the past week visiting friends & family in both Seattle & Portland. It was a great time, and I have so much to share, but unfortunately, the 500 emails I have at work are keeping me a little busy right now! So, hopefully this weekend I will have a longer update and a LOT of photos to share with everyone.

I did want to mention that Marshall & I had our photos taken while we were out there. We haven't had any pictures taken together [professionally, that is!] since our wedding three years ago! TOO LONG! A very, very good friend of mine, Kayla Bosma, was kind enough to snap some pictures of us out near her studio. If you are in the Seattle area, I highly recommend her services. She is a fabulous photographer, & the person that actually inspired me to pick up my camera and do more.

These are a couple of my absolute favorites from the session. I can't wait to go through them and pick out some more.

Until later ... hope everyone is well!


Anonymous said...

Darling pictures!

Nikki said...

Beautiful pictures!

Anonymous said...

Love the pics! :) Hope the emails are dwindling down!

Lauren said...

Hey there! New follower to your blog. I'm also a fellow NC Army wife who is battling infertility and miscarriages. Hope you'll take a look at my blog when you have a chance!



Hil Fish said...

Love love these photos!