January 10, 2011

Ups & Downs*

Whoops. Been a little while. Sorry about that.

Life has been a little crazy since the new year started. To begin with, I turned 30. Officially. Seems a little crazy to me, that I am not entering a completely new decade of my life. But in a very optimistic [not like me at all] sort of way, I'm actually looking forward to good things to come. I feel like I am in such a good place right now -- mentally, emotionally [not quite physically, but I'll get there!] -- that I really don't have TOO many complaints about where I am at right now.

For the most part, the year has started off well. The morning of my birthday, I had a doctors appointment with my normal doc. We chatted about the next step for us post HSG test, and decided that because of my husbands low motility, that going to clomid alone was not the next best step for us. He referred me to the fertility clinic here on post, and recommended to the RE in my files that going to clomid plus IUI was the right next step.

It was actually a good birthday present.


My optimism and excitement has wavered. I got the phone call today from the nurse, stating that I would need to attend an orientation of some sorts prior to anything else happening. Ok ... I can do that.

Unfortunately, they only do them once a month. It's this Thursday.

I'll be in Seattle.

Which means, that I now have to wait until February to do the orientation, which means that the EARLIEST that I can actually do an IUI is March. MARCH.

I don't need a damn orientation. I have done my research. I know the drill. I know exactly what happens, and what we need to do. I realize that not every patient is like this, but let's be honest -- when you get to this point, odds are you are slightly obsessed about it. Otherwise you wouldn't be reaching out to get a little help on the whole baby thing, right?

So now I'm completely discouraged. I will probably call my regular doctor to see if he can prescribe me some clomid, so we can at least do SOMETHING while we're waiting. Unfortunately, we leave town tomorrow night [hopefully. Stupid snow.] and because of the whole five inches of snow we've had, everything on post is closed. So that plan will at least have to wait until the next cycle.

The whole thing is just so obnoxious. My optimism about having a baby in 2011 have definitely wavered and left the building. In the mean time, I'm 3 days late, but cramping like a bitch right now. Which means AF is right around the corner. No optimism there, either, obviously.


Hil Fish said...

Oh I am so sorry. I hate when the Army makes us go on these "scavenger hunts". It makes difficult situations even more difficult. So unnecessary. And then when we finally get there they hand us a booklet that says the same thing five different times. I am hoping that something breaks. Safe travels, say hello to the west coast for me.

Anonymous said...

my hubby and I are getting ready to do IUI here in February. My doctor's staff keeps screwing stuff up for me, they were late calling in my scrip for Clomid, so we couldn't do it this month. darn doctors!

Good Luck! I'll be following your blog from here on!