February 28, 2011

The Clomid Challenge*

I am currently sitting on our couch, watching an old episode of Bones, and witnessing a very awesome lightening storm. I made Soldier Boy turn off the lights because I love lightening that much. The wind is kicking up something fierce, and a couple of times already we thought our storm door would fly open!

I'm in bliss.

He, however, is claiming torture because he a) hates lightening and b) hates Bones reruns. So boo on him.

I had my appointment today with Dr. P, the FABULOUS wonderful fertility doctor here at Bragg. I was disappointed to find out that we would not be jumping straight to IUI. He mentioned that Soldier Boy's sperm were just fine, and their motility were not as bad as my previous doctor had said. Dr. P claimed that everything was within a workable level and to his liking.

The good news is, is that everything, as of right now, looks fine. The bad news is WHAT THE HELL? If he's fine, then it has to be something with me, right?

Because his little swimmers are doing just fine, Dr. P didn't want to skip right to the IUI, but instead wanted to put me on Clomid. So I am officially doing the Clomid Challenge. I'm currently on CD20, so I have about a week and a half before I start Clomid.

To tell you the truth, I'm a little nervous. I knew that I would have had to take Clomid eventually, regardless of what the route would be. The fact that I have those magical little pills in my hand [well ... in a plastic bottle] is kind of surreal. I'm not really sure what to expect -- I've heard both ends of the spectrum as far as how they make you feel, so I really have no expectations as far as my reaction to the drug. And knowing that my husband swimmers are fine, and I've only been pregnant once, then I'm not super confident that clomid will work.

However, I'm trying to remain hopeful. I imagine that if Dr. P saw anything in my tests that was questionable, he would have done more tests. We will see what happens in the future.

Maybe this will be the only thing I need. Maybe not. But I'm glad to really, FINALLY be in this.

Here's hoping.

February 27, 2011

Getting Started*

Last week I had my orientation with the fertility clinic here at Bragg. It was a two hour presentation by the incredible Dr. Parker and his amazing staff, full of new information [especially for M, who has been pretty clueless about all of this until this point] and some answers to a few lingering questions that I had.

I got lucky and have my follow-up appointment scheduled for Monday morning, and I'm hoping that we get a good game plan in place tomorrow.

I have a feeling that because of the D&C I had after the miscarriage that I will have to do a saline sonogram, which may put the IUI back another month [if Dr. P agrees that IUI is the way to go]. The other issue that we have is a possible upcoming deployment. We've been given the heads up that something may be brewing, and if that's the case then M may not even be here. So, we are looking into getting some of his little guys frozen, and hopefully we can get a few viles out of that so we can continue trying, whether he's here or not.

But I am definitely going to ask if we can do the IUI first, and if M deploys then do the testing later [if the IUI fails]. Either way, I'm looking forward to a game plan after tomorrow.

It's sort of hitting home, to both of us, that I may very well be pregnant again soon. Obviously, there is some fear [on my end, primarily] about STAYING pregnant, which I think is completely normal for life post-miscarriage. We started this whole process over three years ago, and have adjusted to a life of disappointment. I know that the reality of FINALLY [well, hopefully] being pregnant, staying pregnant and having a baby is giving us a little of that fear back that we first felt when we started this process! But the good fear in realizing that our lives are hopefully going to change for the better!

It's kind of nice!

In the mean time, I'm still working on the whole losing weight thing. I did a 5K on Saturday morning with the hubs and Lauren from over at Not Just An Army Wife. Because of her IUI on Friday, we walked it together while DH ran, but it was a good time and good conversation! I have another 5K scheduled for next month which I am looking forward to running. My workout schedule this week is going to have to happen in the morning due to my work schedule [which is going to suck. I hate morning workouts.] but hopefully I can keep up the motivation!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

February 23, 2011

Target Addiction*

I am a Target addict. I really and truly cannot help myself. It's so bad, in fact, that M knows Target's address by heart because it shows up on our bank statements so much!! I swear, I am there at least once a week, if not more.

My biggest problem is going in the mornings BEFORE work. I have an even worse habit of not liking anything my closet, throwing something on and making sure I leave the house early so I can find something at Target, CHANGE IN THE BATHROOM, and then head to work.

I swear, if there is an Targetholic Anonymous group, I need to be a part of it.

Yesterday was no exception. I have this super cute dress [well, actually about three of them, all in different colors] and was wanting to wear my tights and boots that I love love love.

Unfortunately, it was a little chilly. And I didn't have a sweater that would work well with it. Problem solved! TARGET RUN!

Unfortunately [or fortunately, however you want to look at it!] they have the same dress I was wearing, but it new colors. INCLUDING YELLOW! I had been dying for a yellow one. IT WAS MEANT TO BE!

So, I grabbed two more colors, including one that went better with my boots [and duh -- changed in the bathroom!] and a sweater. Problem solved.

Plus I looked wicked cute yesterday. Double win!

M has yet to catch on to yesterdays shopping trip, but he'll figure it out soon when I bust out the yellow one for a friendly get together tomorrow night. Whoops :)

Like I said ... I need a support group.

February 21, 2011

A Whole Lot Of Nothing*

I'm bored.

What? I'm being honest!

I honestly have nothing to blog about right now, but feel like I want to write something!

Life has been pretty lame around here. For whatever reason I haven't had much motivation to do much of anything. I've been working out, trying to lose some weight, and running on the occasional evening. But once I get home? Forget it.

Sweats. Couch. TV.

I'm not complaining too much, but I sort of feel like a slacker! I've just gotten into this "I want to be comfortable all the time" rut. What can I say? My couches are comfortable.

I think my issue is two fold. One, for the past six months I've been doing the job of two people at work. Thankfully, we finally hired somebody, but it's going to take her a while to get used to the job, get settled, etc. I'm thinking that things are finally catching up with me. Two, the extra exercise. As awesome as I feel, I'm out of shape. It's taking a lot out of me.

I've been sleeping like a baby, though!

Other than that, life really is boring. I have no updates to anything, and am living a pretty bland life these days!

How about all of you? Anything fun and exciting going on? Let me live vicariously through you!

February 20, 2011

Coconut Curry Chicken with Jasmine Rice*

Holy crap, let me tell you how fabulously delicious this meal is! I really think you should gather up all the ingredients and make it tonight.


I found this recipe, easy enough, on the jar of curry paste that I bought at the grocery store. It sounded good, and most of the ingredients were right there in front of me. So, I grabbed them all up and we had it for dinner on Saturday night. So. Good.

14 oz Coconut Milk
1/2 to 1 Tbsp Green Curry Paste, depending on taste preference
2 Skinless Chicken Breasts, cut into bite size pieces
2 Tbsp Fish Sauce
2 Tbsp Brown Sugar
1/4 Cup Bamboo Shoots, chopped
1/2 Cup Frozen Peas
1/3 Cup Chicken Stock
Jasmine Rice

*Side note: I found all of these recipes very easily in my grocery store. Aside from the easy things like the chicken stock and the frozen peas, they were all located in the asian section, next to the soy sauce!

1. Cook the Jasmine Rice to direction.

2. While the rice is cooking, in a large sauce pan or dutch oven, cook your chicken (which you've cut into bite size pieces!) until it's done. Set it aside.

3. In the same pan over medium high heat, whisk together the coconut milk and the curry paste and let simmer for five minutes.

4. Add the chicken, fish sauce, brown sugar, bamboo shoots, frozen peas and the chicken stock. Simmer for 10 minutes, stirring occasionally. The sauce will reduce and become slightly creamy.

5. Spoon the yummy mixture over a bowl of rice and enjoy! The rice will soak up the sauce making it extra, extra yummy.

So easy. And so delish. We had zero leftovers because M couldn't stop eating it.

There are other ways to dress this up as well. Throwing some water chestnuts in there would give it an extra little crunch that would go nicely with the softness of the rice. You could also garnish this with some fresh basil at the end. If you want to make it a completely vegetarian meal, use vegetarian stock [which is what I actually used] instead of chicken stock and fry up some extra firm tofu and throw it in at the very end [after the mixture had simmered for the ten minutes].

I plan on making this again this week, with the tofu.

All in all, this was an incredibly SIMPLE recipe, and took very little time. It takes as long as it does to cook the rice.

Make this tonight! And enjoy!

February 18, 2011

Where Did The Week Go?

Holy eff, where did this week go?

Not that I am complaining. I am wicked excited that it is Friday.

I have two photoshoots scheduled this weekend, both of which involve children. So, I'm looking for some quick and easy props to take with me. I haven't ever used props before in photos, but I think this weekend is a good time to start playing with them.

Plus, this brings me a little bit closer to buying my new camera. After this weekend, I'll be about half way there for what I need cost-wise. I'm hoping to get a couple more sessions scheduled in the coming weeks so that by mid-March I have that baby in my hands!

I'm on the lookout for some props to use. I haven't ever really used props in my photos, but am thinking that they need to become a part of my photography life. When they are used right, they can be a wonderful addition to any photos that are taken. I definitely think there is a cheesiness factor if they aren't used right, so it's all about finding the right thing. I may do a few experiments this weekend and see what works.

Of course, that requires a trip to some craft stores tonight. Bummer.

I just realized I didn't post this weeks 52 project photo. I'm a slacker!! I actually have a photo in mind but have not had two seconds this week to edit it to my liking. I'll get it up and then be back on track on Monday [since I know I will have a ton of adorable photos to share!]

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

February 14, 2011

Military Monday Blog Hop*

I participated in this blog hop a while back and haven't since then. So, I figured since I don't have much else to write about today that it would be a good time to start off again!

Today is Valentine's Day. M & I aren't really fans of Valentines Day so much.

Correction -- HE is not a fan.

I don't overly love the holiday, but I love the meaning behind it. M boycotts at all costs, which means we will not exchange anything (gifts, cards, flowers, whatever you may exchange) but I do think I might buy myself some flowers tonight on the way home. Because it IS VALENTINES DAY AFTER ALL!!

And flowers are pretty.

In the mean time, I'm stuck at work. I'm still continuing on the whole half-marathon training thing, so I will be hitting the gym tonight on my way home. This will make that extra glass of wine tonight (duh ... Valentines Day totally calls for more wine!) worth it.

What do you all do for V Day?? Is your hubby a grinch like mine is? Or do you celebrate?

February 11, 2011

Weekend Plans*

I'm heading down this weekend to see my lovely, lovely friend Stacy & I cannot be more excited.

Stacy and her husband were [are!] two of our best friends. When they lived here in town, we were inseperable and did just about everything together as couples. Her husband & mine were in the same unit and when they introduced the two of us it was love at first site!

We really were super friends, and when the Army took them away from us it was hard but something that happens! I've had a lot of friends come and go in this town over the past five years, but none of them have been as amazing as Stacy has. She is the first army girlfriend of mine that has left yet stayed so close.

I miss her.

LUCKILY, she only lives a few hours away. And with her husband currently deployed, we figured we needed a good girls weekend. So I'm off to see her and her two darling children for a weekend full of relaxing, photos and plenty of wine!

I'm sure my husband will spend his weekend playing video games from the couch. I'm urging him to get OUT of the house, do something with the guys and have a little fun, but I'm sure I will find him in the exact same position that I will leave him in this afternoon. :) BOYS!

I hope everybody has a glorious weekend!

February 10, 2011

Working On My Fitness*

Way back in the day, I used to be skinny. Not like, stick small skinny, but in good shape. I was an athlete. I worked out. I ran. I was healthy.

Somewhere along the line I let that slide and am paying the price for it! I dread going to gym but it's a necessity. Anyways, I've decided that I need to take a break from focusing on the baby thing for a while [even though we are still moving forward 110% with everything] and focus on something else.

I've always wanted to run a half marathon. It's on my "life to do list" and I figure that now is as good as any time to start training for one.

So that's what I started doing this week.

I forget how much running sucks, especially when you are way out of shape. But, I've logged a few miles this week, and am actually looking forward to logging some more tonight. My body is sore, but in a good way. I can already feel the difference, and it's giving me some motivation to keep moving forward with it. I'm working on the diet as well, although there were a couple of slip ups this week [I'm sorry ... mexican food is just something I am not able to say no to!]. I'm hoping, though, that I will still see a weight loss on the scale this weekend.

There is a half marathon in the state in September. That gives me plenty of time to train and get ready. If the pregnancy happens, then awesome! It happens! But I need to focus on other things for a while and stop stressing about a pending pregnancy. And my weight is definitely one of them.

Plus, losing these extra pounds and getting in better shape only benefits this whole process, right??

So ... here's to lots of soreness in the coming months!

February 7, 2011

Photo Project -- 1/52*

I'm a big fan of photography, which is not a huge shocker, and have spent the last couple of years developing my skills. I've been very lucky that I have built a pretty good following and client base, and love sharing the work that I do with friends & family.

A while back, i tried to do one of those 365 photo projects, and made it a good three months into it. Then, it fizzled. A photo a day is tough! But, I enjoyed doing it, and it made me think more about what I was taking a picture of, instead of just photo after photo. I'm not sure that I can do the 365 project again, but I'm thinking I'll do a 52 project :)

One photo a week, for an entire year.

There are plenty of people out there who do this, so I may just follow along! Not as huge of a commitment, either :) What can I say ... I'm lazy.

So, this is my first official weekly photo post! I think I can handle this one! I did a boudoir shoot this weekend (for a very lucky & unknowing husband!) and we had a blast. I wish I could show more photos, but out of respect, obviously I won't. However, this one is safe, and I think beautiful. Plus ... I love the shoes!

February 1, 2011

The "I've Tried It" Checklist*

I saw this over on Lauren's blog today [who, btw, I was able to meet in real life over the weekend. She's a DOLL!] and it made me giggle. The "vices" and "crying" part are my favorite, and I definitely see a lot of these things being checked off in my future!