February 28, 2011

The Clomid Challenge*

I am currently sitting on our couch, watching an old episode of Bones, and witnessing a very awesome lightening storm. I made Soldier Boy turn off the lights because I love lightening that much. The wind is kicking up something fierce, and a couple of times already we thought our storm door would fly open!

I'm in bliss.

He, however, is claiming torture because he a) hates lightening and b) hates Bones reruns. So boo on him.

I had my appointment today with Dr. P, the FABULOUS wonderful fertility doctor here at Bragg. I was disappointed to find out that we would not be jumping straight to IUI. He mentioned that Soldier Boy's sperm were just fine, and their motility were not as bad as my previous doctor had said. Dr. P claimed that everything was within a workable level and to his liking.

The good news is, is that everything, as of right now, looks fine. The bad news is WHAT THE HELL? If he's fine, then it has to be something with me, right?

Because his little swimmers are doing just fine, Dr. P didn't want to skip right to the IUI, but instead wanted to put me on Clomid. So I am officially doing the Clomid Challenge. I'm currently on CD20, so I have about a week and a half before I start Clomid.

To tell you the truth, I'm a little nervous. I knew that I would have had to take Clomid eventually, regardless of what the route would be. The fact that I have those magical little pills in my hand [well ... in a plastic bottle] is kind of surreal. I'm not really sure what to expect -- I've heard both ends of the spectrum as far as how they make you feel, so I really have no expectations as far as my reaction to the drug. And knowing that my husband swimmers are fine, and I've only been pregnant once, then I'm not super confident that clomid will work.

However, I'm trying to remain hopeful. I imagine that if Dr. P saw anything in my tests that was questionable, he would have done more tests. We will see what happens in the future.

Maybe this will be the only thing I need. Maybe not. But I'm glad to really, FINALLY be in this.

Here's hoping.


Jessa said...

Sending so many positive vibes your way! How awesome would it be if Clomid could be the end of a very long journey for you guys?

Slackie O. said...

My one and only pregnancy was the result of my first round of Clomid (and no IUI). It can happen!

Brittany said...

Thanks ladies! I'm trying to be optimistic this month, but not TOO much at the same time! It would be a dream come true if round one was the only answer we needed!!!

Anonymous said...

Very glad for you :) He is fabulous isn't he!!