February 27, 2011

Getting Started*

Last week I had my orientation with the fertility clinic here at Bragg. It was a two hour presentation by the incredible Dr. Parker and his amazing staff, full of new information [especially for M, who has been pretty clueless about all of this until this point] and some answers to a few lingering questions that I had.

I got lucky and have my follow-up appointment scheduled for Monday morning, and I'm hoping that we get a good game plan in place tomorrow.

I have a feeling that because of the D&C I had after the miscarriage that I will have to do a saline sonogram, which may put the IUI back another month [if Dr. P agrees that IUI is the way to go]. The other issue that we have is a possible upcoming deployment. We've been given the heads up that something may be brewing, and if that's the case then M may not even be here. So, we are looking into getting some of his little guys frozen, and hopefully we can get a few viles out of that so we can continue trying, whether he's here or not.

But I am definitely going to ask if we can do the IUI first, and if M deploys then do the testing later [if the IUI fails]. Either way, I'm looking forward to a game plan after tomorrow.

It's sort of hitting home, to both of us, that I may very well be pregnant again soon. Obviously, there is some fear [on my end, primarily] about STAYING pregnant, which I think is completely normal for life post-miscarriage. We started this whole process over three years ago, and have adjusted to a life of disappointment. I know that the reality of FINALLY [well, hopefully] being pregnant, staying pregnant and having a baby is giving us a little of that fear back that we first felt when we started this process! But the good fear in realizing that our lives are hopefully going to change for the better!

It's kind of nice!

In the mean time, I'm still working on the whole losing weight thing. I did a 5K on Saturday morning with the hubs and Lauren from over at Not Just An Army Wife. Because of her IUI on Friday, we walked it together while DH ran, but it was a good time and good conversation! I have another 5K scheduled for next month which I am looking forward to running. My workout schedule this week is going to have to happen in the morning due to my work schedule [which is going to suck. I hate morning workouts.] but hopefully I can keep up the motivation!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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myTTCstory said...

How exciting! Hope you get your game plan sorted tomorrow!

My Oh is still pretty clueless even though we're currently in our second cycle, bless him!

Lots of luck with your next steps,