February 7, 2011

Photo Project -- 1/52*

I'm a big fan of photography, which is not a huge shocker, and have spent the last couple of years developing my skills. I've been very lucky that I have built a pretty good following and client base, and love sharing the work that I do with friends & family.

A while back, i tried to do one of those 365 photo projects, and made it a good three months into it. Then, it fizzled. A photo a day is tough! But, I enjoyed doing it, and it made me think more about what I was taking a picture of, instead of just photo after photo. I'm not sure that I can do the 365 project again, but I'm thinking I'll do a 52 project :)

One photo a week, for an entire year.

There are plenty of people out there who do this, so I may just follow along! Not as huge of a commitment, either :) What can I say ... I'm lazy.

So, this is my first official weekly photo post! I think I can handle this one! I did a boudoir shoot this weekend (for a very lucky & unknowing husband!) and we had a blast. I wish I could show more photos, but out of respect, obviously I won't. However, this one is safe, and I think beautiful. Plus ... I love the shoes!


Lauren said...

I like the photo! When I finally get pregnant, you'll do my pregnancy photo shoot right? :)

Brittany said...


Anonymous said...

Love it! We may have to go shopping before we take pictures ;)

Brittany said...

OK :)

suzanne cabrera said...

Gorgeous! Great way to begin the project.

I'd kill for both the legs...and the shoes :)