February 23, 2011

Target Addiction*

I am a Target addict. I really and truly cannot help myself. It's so bad, in fact, that M knows Target's address by heart because it shows up on our bank statements so much!! I swear, I am there at least once a week, if not more.

My biggest problem is going in the mornings BEFORE work. I have an even worse habit of not liking anything my closet, throwing something on and making sure I leave the house early so I can find something at Target, CHANGE IN THE BATHROOM, and then head to work.

I swear, if there is an Targetholic Anonymous group, I need to be a part of it.

Yesterday was no exception. I have this super cute dress [well, actually about three of them, all in different colors] and was wanting to wear my tights and boots that I love love love.

Unfortunately, it was a little chilly. And I didn't have a sweater that would work well with it. Problem solved! TARGET RUN!

Unfortunately [or fortunately, however you want to look at it!] they have the same dress I was wearing, but it new colors. INCLUDING YELLOW! I had been dying for a yellow one. IT WAS MEANT TO BE!

So, I grabbed two more colors, including one that went better with my boots [and duh -- changed in the bathroom!] and a sweater. Problem solved.

Plus I looked wicked cute yesterday. Double win!

M has yet to catch on to yesterdays shopping trip, but he'll figure it out soon when I bust out the yellow one for a friendly get together tomorrow night. Whoops :)

Like I said ... I need a support group.


Tsoniki Crazy Bull said...

I used to think that I was addicted to Target...I mean I'm not anymore but in the past. But compared to you...nah. LOL And yes, totally cute dress!!!

Brittany said...

Yeah it's bad! I have a problem. ha! I'm there probably once a week. I may have to give up Target for Lent!! :)

Antigone said...

I LOVE Target too! It's a good thing it's so far north. It always amazes me how I will go in for one or two things and come out with a full cart!

Anonymous said...

You can add me to the Target AA group please. I am there probably twice a week...it's a little bit tragic!

Brittany said...

@Antigone: Yeah, I know what you mean! I am notorious for going in for ONE thing, and coming out with so much more. It's damn near impossible to spend less than $100 in that store!

@Stacy: Seriously!! We should start one :) ha!

Jessa said...

Target is dangerous. But so is any store I might happen to wander into.

Lauren said...

I love Target too. It's dangerous that I have to pass by it every day on the way home from post. Reminds me that I need to head over there this weekend for some new workout shorts.

Amanda said...

Target is evil. It wasn't so bad when I had to drive an hour or order online, but now it's only 3 miles from my house. Evil I tell you. And the Starbucks inside is just as bad. I made this mistake of buying my kid a cookie once to hold him over while I grabbed a few things, and now we have to get one EVERY time.

liberal army wife said...

I used to love it. the Minnesota ones spoiled me. The ones here in Springfield - NOT! dirty, badly stocked, ridiculously bad staff.

So lucky for our wallet, I was able to withdraw.


Hil Fish said...

I have a little cheer, Everyday is a beautiful day when you are shopping at Tarjay!. For quite some time I did not allow myself to go into Target unsupervised.

Hil Fish said...

PS I bought that dress in 8 colors last year!!! And I just bought it in two of the rayon prints for this summer. I am looking into figuring out the pattern so I can make the dress in a sturdier fabric. Glad to know we have the same taste! I just work it 9 months preggers bc I just missed it! xo

Brittany said...

HA, Hil! Yeah, I think I have it in about 6 colors right now, and I have a feeling I will go back and buy a couple more colors before the next week is over. It's just so dang comfortable!!!!