February 11, 2011

Weekend Plans*

I'm heading down this weekend to see my lovely, lovely friend Stacy & I cannot be more excited.

Stacy and her husband were [are!] two of our best friends. When they lived here in town, we were inseperable and did just about everything together as couples. Her husband & mine were in the same unit and when they introduced the two of us it was love at first site!

We really were super friends, and when the Army took them away from us it was hard but something that happens! I've had a lot of friends come and go in this town over the past five years, but none of them have been as amazing as Stacy has. She is the first army girlfriend of mine that has left yet stayed so close.

I miss her.

LUCKILY, she only lives a few hours away. And with her husband currently deployed, we figured we needed a good girls weekend. So I'm off to see her and her two darling children for a weekend full of relaxing, photos and plenty of wine!

I'm sure my husband will spend his weekend playing video games from the couch. I'm urging him to get OUT of the house, do something with the guys and have a little fun, but I'm sure I will find him in the exact same position that I will leave him in this afternoon. :) BOYS!

I hope everybody has a glorious weekend!


Anonymous said...

LOVE YOU! <3 and can't wait for you to get here!!!!!

Erin said...

Have fun! Wish I lived closer!