February 18, 2011

Where Did The Week Go?

Holy eff, where did this week go?

Not that I am complaining. I am wicked excited that it is Friday.

I have two photoshoots scheduled this weekend, both of which involve children. So, I'm looking for some quick and easy props to take with me. I haven't ever used props before in photos, but I think this weekend is a good time to start playing with them.

Plus, this brings me a little bit closer to buying my new camera. After this weekend, I'll be about half way there for what I need cost-wise. I'm hoping to get a couple more sessions scheduled in the coming weeks so that by mid-March I have that baby in my hands!

I'm on the lookout for some props to use. I haven't ever really used props in my photos, but am thinking that they need to become a part of my photography life. When they are used right, they can be a wonderful addition to any photos that are taken. I definitely think there is a cheesiness factor if they aren't used right, so it's all about finding the right thing. I may do a few experiments this weekend and see what works.

Of course, that requires a trip to some craft stores tonight. Bummer.

I just realized I didn't post this weeks 52 project photo. I'm a slacker!! I actually have a photo in mind but have not had two seconds this week to edit it to my liking. I'll get it up and then be back on track on Monday [since I know I will have a ton of adorable photos to share!]

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!


Anonymous said...

Hi there, just popped in to say hello. I hope you get your new camera soon!

Your blog is so pretty!

Brittany said...

Thanks dear! I should have the camera by mid-march, which makes me happy.

And thanks! I wish I could take credit but I had a fabulous lady do my design for me!