February 10, 2011

Working On My Fitness*

Way back in the day, I used to be skinny. Not like, stick small skinny, but in good shape. I was an athlete. I worked out. I ran. I was healthy.

Somewhere along the line I let that slide and am paying the price for it! I dread going to gym but it's a necessity. Anyways, I've decided that I need to take a break from focusing on the baby thing for a while [even though we are still moving forward 110% with everything] and focus on something else.

I've always wanted to run a half marathon. It's on my "life to do list" and I figure that now is as good as any time to start training for one.

So that's what I started doing this week.

I forget how much running sucks, especially when you are way out of shape. But, I've logged a few miles this week, and am actually looking forward to logging some more tonight. My body is sore, but in a good way. I can already feel the difference, and it's giving me some motivation to keep moving forward with it. I'm working on the diet as well, although there were a couple of slip ups this week [I'm sorry ... mexican food is just something I am not able to say no to!]. I'm hoping, though, that I will still see a weight loss on the scale this weekend.

There is a half marathon in the state in September. That gives me plenty of time to train and get ready. If the pregnancy happens, then awesome! It happens! But I need to focus on other things for a while and stop stressing about a pending pregnancy. And my weight is definitely one of them.

Plus, losing these extra pounds and getting in better shape only benefits this whole process, right??

So ... here's to lots of soreness in the coming months!


Jessa said...

Good for you!

Hil Fish said...

You go girl! Like you I will never be a skinny minnie and I do not have the self control to give up sweets and alcohol entirely. What I was able to do was work out regulary and eat better. Took 18 months but I lost 30 pounds. Wishing you much much success!!!

annoyed army wife said...

What a good goal! And after a few weeks you'll be less and less sore - you know how that goes. :)

Brittany said...

Thanks ladies! My big weaknesses are anything salty, cheese & wine :) So, cutting back on those big time (everything in moderation, right??!)

I don't mind the soreness ... it makes me feel like I've accomplished something :) But you're right, @aaw -- it will go away eventually :)

Lauren said...

You have some great goals! There's a 10 miler during All-American week that you could run. It could be a practice for a half marathon. I've been thinking about training for it.

Brittany said...

You should train for it! I've done the Army 10 Miler up in DC for the past two years, but have only walked it. I'd like to actually run it this year, and I was going to do a half marathon BEFORE the 10 miler (making it easier!)

But you're right -- the Bragg Birthday 10 Miler would be a great one as well. If you decide to train let me know! It would be way better to train with a buddy. Even if it's just the long runs on the weekend!