April 11, 2011

The Business Trip Shakedown*

My life just got crazy complicated.

Work -- which, I LOVE my company [just don't always love my boss!] -- is sending me on a whirl wind tour of all of the Army installations we currently work at. We are in the process of building new & fabulous websites for our company & are in serious need of some photos for them.

Instead of hiring a professional at each location, they decided to send me. Which is a HUGE honor. Essentially, 8 different websites are going to be my personal portfolio. It will be great for my portfolio & a wonderful step for me in this company. However, with the whole infertility thing, this sort of puts a little kink into the baby making.

We are still working on my schedule, but the way things are working out, I will be travelling to one installation a week, for six weeks. As you can imagine, that sort of makes things a little interesting when you're trying to time the baby dancing. Fortunately for me, I have a WONDERFUL Director who understands my situation.

A couple of weeks ago, when I was initially informed of this trip, I sat her down and explained my situation. She knew of it a little bit [she was my immediate supervisor during my miscarriage. In fact, she was the one that picked me up from the hospital after my D&C. She's so, so great.] and was completely warm to my travel schedule being flexible.

So as it stands, I will be taking off next Monday night for two nights. That brings me home on CD11, which is a perfect time to start doing what we have to do. I won't leave again until CD18 & home on CD20. It's this date that makes me a little nervous, especially if I decide to ovulate late. But, I am charting this month, so hopefully I will know one way or another prior to leaving.

I can't push this second trip back to the following week, due to the intense travel schedule & deadlines that need to be met. I really just hope it works out and this month doesn't become a total waste. I will be bummed if so, but I guess things work out for a reason. I'm hoping that I have it all timed right. I start the Femera tomorrow & I want every possible chance for this cycle. My fingers are crossed. Hopefully it's enough.

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stefanie said...

That's a huge opportunity! Good luck with all your traveling and hopefully this month will be better for you!!!