May 26, 2011

One More Day*

Wow, y'all. I haven't blogged since May 10th.

Let me tell you that things have been NUTS around here. I mentioned a while back that I was going to be doing a whirl wind tour for work and let me tell you, it's been crazy.

I am on the last leg of my photography tour and tomorrow I head back home to NC. I am then proceeding to take next Tuesday off, giving myself a nice long weekend. I have been on the road so much, sometimes being gone for six or seven days at a time. It's been a little unreal, working 8 full hours a day wherever I am, but then being expected to stay on top of my regular duties at my Bragg office. It's overwhelming, to be honest.

As much as I've wanted to write [because it makes me feel so much better] I have been getting back to my hotel room and crashing. I typically have about three hours of work that needs to be done in the evenings, and by the time I'm finished I can barely keep my eyes open.

Tonight will be no exception, as I have some work that has to be completed tonight. Hopefully I can relax a little, but I am very much ready to get back home to my husband tomorrow night and enjoy a LOVELY four day weekend. It will be glorious.

I have so many things to say, and so many things to talk about -- this weekend I am determined to get caught up in blog land and catch up with what everybody else is doing. Please forgive me for being absent!

Until then!

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Jessa said...

It happens, it happens. I can imagine with that schedule I'd be crashing as soon as I could too.