June 10, 2011

Photography Contest*

I was recently informed by a friend that the local art council here in town was having a photography contest. I was also told I should enter.

I've wanted to be more proactive with some of my photography, and enter some contests to get myself out there a little more. But the truth is, I am my biggest critic. And while I think the photography that I do is good, I'm not always convinced that other people think the same. I have horrible self-esteem when it comes to this & am always seeking the opinion of others instead of trusting my own.

I'm working on this. I promise.

With that said, I've sent a few photos off to the printers and will be getting them framed next week sometime so they will be ready for entry. I'm entering four [the max number of entries you can have] and they will all go through an initial judging period. If the juror happens to like even ONE of my photos, it will go on display at the Art Museum downtown for about a month. Prizes will be awarded in three different categories. I don't really care to win [although not going to lie, it will be awesome!] as just making it through the first round and having a single piece [hopefully more!] up for display in a REAL art museum would be pretty bad ass. If I'm LUCKY, somebody may even want to buy them!

Here's the first [and my favorite!] piece that I'm entering. I took this a couple of months ago at our local Botanical Gardens, and I instantly loved it. I'll post the other three throughout the week! [And if you feel like following my photography page on facebook, go here! SHAMELESS PLUG!]


Anonymous said...

Love the pic! AndI think your photos are great. :-)

Anonymous said...

Love the pic! AndI think your photos are great. :-)

Antigone said...

Awesome picture Britt!

Dirt On The Rocks said...

this is lovely and it's definitely worth framing! :) good luck i hope you win cause this is beautiful