June 7, 2011

Wishful Thinking*

I am a Pinterest addict.

I really can't help myself.

I spend at least an hour each night, if not longer, cruising through the site, looking at all the adorable crafty things i wish i had time to make, home improvements i wish i had time to do, and awesome photographs i wish i had time to take.

If you are not on this site you really should be. I promise you. It's fabulous.

Lately, though, i've been on this baby "stuff" kick. I avoided it for a really long time, because lets face it ... the likelihood of me buying baby stuff anytime soon is kind of a joke. I mean, i'm not even pregnant as of right this very second. And even if i was, i learned my lesson last time from buying baby stuff too early.

But there is just so much cute stuff out there. So many great ideas for nurseries. Adorable onesies [and some just downright hilarious]. Cute photos. All the things that aren't really in my immediate future.

And I can't stop looking at them. I created a whole board called "Maybe Baby" that has basically become my wish list for things I want to do, or buy, or create. Maybe it's my subconscious being optimistic, but the bitter, spiteful all around negative nancy in me says that i'm wasting my time.

Seriously, i wish that person would go away, but that's another blog post for another day.

Either way, if i can't do these things for myself, someday i'll do them for somebody else. Maybe i'm crazy -- who knows. But I like thinking about it!


annoyed army wife said...

I clicked that link then clicked away. That site could be very dangerous. If you find a way to silence negative nancy, can you write a post about that? She ruined my whole day today.

Brittany said...

yeah that site is DANGEROUS! But I love it!!! And yes ... if I figure out a way to silence ms. nancy, I will definitely tell everyone! She is constantly ruining my days.

BreAnna said...

I just followed your boards. :)
I do the exact same thing, I have a baby board and no baby in sight. I think it is a good way to be optimistic for the day that we will have babies. That day will come!

Brittany said...

Yay! Thanks! I'll follow you back. But you're right ... it's good to be optimistic i suppose!! :)

Hil Fish said...

I think a maybe baby board is a fantastic idea. You should always dream, never deny yourself the joy that comes with dreaming. xo