July 5, 2011

Photo Contest Update*

A couple of weeks I had mentioned that I had taken the plunge and was planning on entering some of my photography into a contest at the local art museum. I am happy to say that BOTH of my pieces made it to the display!

I didn't win anything, which is fine by me, but it was pretty awesome to see my work up on a wall. Because I was in Chicago during the opening night, my darling husband went down to the gallery for me to represent me. But this weekend, some friends and I went to lunch nearby and then went and took a look at my work.

It's small potatoes here, but this is still pretty neat. It is definitely motivation to look for other contests and be more aware of what I am taking photos of! My friends and I went down this past Saturday to do lunch and take a look, and I love how proud of me they were.

We had so much fun just browsing the other photos. I have such amazing friends, and am truly blessed to have people in my life who care so much about me! It was a blast.

Anyways, these are my two photos on the wall. The flower is obviously mine, and in the photo with the two photos, mine is the one up top with the blackhawk. I know. I'm totally big time. ha!

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