September 10, 2011

fourteen weeks*

How Far Along? 14 weeks, 1 day.
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Still down those 10 pounds, but also have been eating like crap this week. I expect it to keep up with me, and being in the second trimester now, I expect that to keep up with me, too.
Maternity Clothes? One pair of jeans, one pair of work pants, and a couple of shirts. Still fighting it by holding my jeans up with a rubber band and a belly band :)
Stretch Marks? Nope. Only the ones that were there before!
Sleep: Sleep was better this week than last, but something is going to have to give sooner rather than later. I believe a body pillow investment will be made this weekend.
Best Moment of the Week? The nomination only baby shower that I was selected for by Operation Homefront ... details to follow on that!
Have You Told Family & Friends? YES! I couldn't wait any longer to spill the beans!
Miss Anything? Still wine. I fear that this will always be my answer every single week. I did have an O'Douls this week. So not the same.
Movement: Nope, not yet. At least none that I recognize. I've asked around and 16 weeks seems to be the magic number. We will see.
Food Cravings: This week it was mexican food. I've eaten it twice so far this week and have a date with a friend today for another round!
Anything Making You Queasy or Sick? This past week at work, it smelled like cat food outside. Apparently there is some factory not too far away that process oil for animal food. It was disgusting. And all day I fought the urge to ralph in my garbage can.
Have You Started to Show Yet? Um, I think so. But mostly it's my fat being pushed out farther. ha!
Gender Prediction: Still guessing a boy! But hoping for a girl :)
Labor Signs: No.
Belly Button In or Out: In
Wedding Rings On or Off: On.
Happy or Moody Most of the Time? MOODY! Sorry, husband. I can't help it.
Looking Forward To: Feeling movement!

Other than that, I've had some difficulty with the hip & pelvic region pain. Not to get to graphic, but basically the doctor said that everything is inflamed and irritated, which was very evident when she went to check my cervix and I nearly let out a scream. But my cervix and baby looked fine (and very active!) and I was told to just take some tylenol and tough it out, because likely it's just hormones.

I'm also getting the run around from our lovely Army hospital on getting a referral off post. I need to be closer to my job, and they are fighting me on it/not giving me the correct information/all in all making my life more difficult. I'm hoping to have things squared away by the end of this week, and an appointment set up with [hopefully] my new midwife. If they deny me, I will scream. End of story.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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