September 9, 2011

I Heart Washington*

I am an Esty fanatic. I rarely buy things on there, but i love browsing through the shops & looking at all the wonderful items i wish i could afford to buy. I have been eying this necklace for a while, even more so now that i just returned from a trip to the wonderful Northwest. I have seen this shop featured on other blogs before [which is where i probably first stumbled upon it anyways] but i'm hoping to get one of my own, sooner rather than later.

Isn't it lovely? She creates these for all states, and if she does not have yours in stock, you can request one. She also does lovely bamboo creations as well. The price is steep at $55.00 but for something that is hand stamped and created, as well as high quality material, I think that's justifiable. And I love my home state enough to rock some bad ass jewelry.

Go check her out! Show your home state some love!

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Tsoniki said...

I've seen her before and asked her to make me a So Dak one! I love these.