September 28, 2011

An Important New Initiative*

RESOLVE launched a new initiative this week, and I thought I would pass along the information [thank you, From IF to When for this info!]:

They have a created a petition for the infertility community to add their names to that will be sent to Sec. Sebelius at the Department of Health and Human Services, along with a letter urging the Secretary to consider infertility treatment an essential health benefit as the discussion on the new healthcare reform policies happen this fall. Their goal is 7,300 signatures: 1 signature to represent every 1,000 people living with infertility.

I urge you to click HERE to read and sign the petition, whether you battle with infertility, know somebody who does or just want to help out.

RESOLVE will be creating a landing page with more FAQs this week. I will post it to my blog as soon as I have more information.

I was very lucky that with my husband being in the military, all of our treatment was covered financially. The only thing we had to pay for was the sperm wash. Our costs would have increased had we had to go the IVF route, but we still would not have paid was most of you do. I know many women who have to save for years for this opportunity, which is such a damn shame. Let's show our policy makers that we are serious about having infertility treatment recognized as an essential health benefit.


jjiraffe said...

Thanks for passing this around! I will definitely be signing this. It's great to get the word out :)

ICLW #76

Brittany said...

You're welcome!