October 14, 2011

Fall Decorations*

I've been wanting to spruce up the house for the fall for quite some time now [DESPITE the horribly shitty 80 degree weather that we are still having. Whatthefuck, Summer? I know it's the South and all but it's still Mid-October. Can we move on to cooler temperatures? PLEASE?] but because of, again, recent events, those plans have been derailed.

Which is OK because I have found some more cute ideas that could easily last until after Thanksgiving. When all the Christmas crap that I LOVE putting up [and my husband detests] comes out. Yes. I am that person that decorates for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving. :)

First off, this adorable leaf garland:

I think this is adorable, minus the kid aspect that was thrown in. It's an adorable craft for kids, but I think there is a way to spruce it up and make it more adult appropriate. I also love the idea of this monogrammed pumpkin from The Girl in the Red Shoes:

I love, love, love pumpkins as decorations on my front porch, as well as plenty of mums. But I am not really a fan of carving them because I like having them throughout the fall. Once you carve them, they are only good for a couple of weeks. And a Jack-O-Lantern isn't really appropriate for Thanksgiving, me thinks. But something like this could easily last through the season, and the pumpkin would still be good to gut Thanksgiving weekend for lots of pumpkin goodies. I have also seen a version of this where the entire pumpkin is painted white, making the black lettering stand out. Either way, I love this.

I also think a good fall wreath is in order, such as this one from TwoInspireYou's Etsy shop:

Our front door is actually a bright orange. We got new siding for our house this past summer and wanted a bright color for the door. Since the siding is a dark grey, we went with a bright orange. It looks awesome if I do say so myself, so it's already aiding in my decorations for my most favorite season. Something like this with some more black tones in it [versus the orange] would be perfect.

Any favorite decorations that you love creating every year? Or is this the year you step it up [like me] and start being creative?

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Tsoniki Crazy Bull said...

I am terrible at fall decorations. But bring on Christmas! I also decorate the day after Thanksgiving. I grew up doing that so I thought it was normal? I'm shocked it isn't. LOL We still get the tree out on that day, and decorate after our Black Friday shopping. :)