January 2, 2012

Counting Down*

While it is now officially January 2nd, I fully realize that I am a day late in saying this, but I will say it anyways. Happy New Year to all my friends & readers!

In it's short life span, 2012 has already proven to be a thought-provoking year for me. While I am definitely working towards making sure my goals and resolutions happen, I'm realizing that there are some other changes that need to happen in my life as well, changes that at some point I might share, but for now are just for me. Because honestly, I don't know how to phrase them without sounding selfish or ungrateful. But I am hoping that overall, 2012 makes me a better person. One who doesn't care so much what other people think of me. One who can let go of things that have happened in the past. And one who can be learn to cut ties with individuals when it's necessary instead of holding on to failing friendships [or faking my way through some friendships, which I have been doing a lot of lately].

This new year is also bringing on Baby Boho. I have officially hit 30 weeks, which is scary in it's own right. March 9th is just around the corner and I am in no way, shape or form ready for what is coming. I am starting to feel overwhelmed by the amount of things I need to accomplish prior to the baby coming, but am also feeling like I am running out of time. We have 10 weeks until my due date, and while that seems like a good amount of time, I fear that it is not. Being in the third trimester means that I am back on the exhausted band wagon. So after working a full day, the likelihood of anything happening after I come home is usually slim, leaving my weekends to get things done. But with so few weekends left, I feel like everything that I want to happen is NOT going to happen. And it's frustrating. My husband, king of unfinished projects, is no help. Well, he is, but not in the motivation factor.

So, a list is being made. And it WILL get tackled. I may be an emotional basket case in the coming weeks [more so than I already am] but something needs to give. The nursery is not even close to being finished and my house is not nearly as organized as I want it to be. Our baby supplies are about to increase dramatically, and as of right now, I have nowhere to put anything.

So starting today, I'm getting things done. Not exactly how I wanted to spend the last day of my long weekend, but shit needs to happen around here, before I go crazy. I will admit that I hired a cleaner to come in next week, and I couldn't be more excited. My mom is coming in from Seattle for the weekend and there was no way I was going to get it clean the way I wanted to, especially with a husband who is currently home for another week due to knee surgery. Having a nice, deep cleaned home will definitely make me feel a little better about things [again, especially after having a husband who will have been home for two weeks at that point, making a mess and driving me crazy] and I may even get her to come back at the end of February before baby comes. We will see. But either way, it will be money well spent. We used to have cleaners that came in every two weeks & it was glorious. But alas, they were both Army wives and both ended up PCS'ing. I never found anyone else that I loved as much as them, so that luxury fell by the wayside. Having someone do the dirty work for me while I'm at the office will be a great treat.

Happy Monday to all. And wish me luck on my motivation skills!

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Heather said...

Good luck with getting everything done and I'm so glad you are getting someone in to help clean. I also make lists!