January 10, 2012

My Past Blogging Life*

I got a couple of  message from some twitter friends this week, talking about my old blog, "My Army Wife Life." I've heard from them, and from others in the past, that it was the first military spouse blog that they had found. I wrote there for three years and loved every minute of it.

I miss that blog from time to time, mostly because of the freedom I had to write whatever I wanted. Which, I definitely have that here as well, but the direction of our life changed and I didn't feel the topics that I was writing about over there were relevant to my life anymore [politics] or that I had a lot to offer about the military life. M has been home for two years now since his last deployment, and our life is pretty stable & normal. There is definitely the normal Army crap that we deal with from day to day, but we have settled into a pretty good routine in our household. That may change any day, especially with the possibility of him going to Warrant Officer school, but we're taking it day by day and enjoying what little normal military life we can!

I wish I had more aspects of our military life to write about, but I honestly can't come up with anything. We've been lucky that with M on Global Relief, they haven't been called out for anything. Again, that can change any minute, and he could be gone tomorrow. But it's been pretty easy. And I have nothing to complain about! My friends, on the other hand, can't all say the same, and so we try to be as supportive as possible to those we know dealing with deployments and all that comes with them, good and bad.

Being in this transition phase makes me definitely enjoy the Army a little more. I definitely do miss writing about it, being a resource for other military spouses ... and I honestly hope that I can get back to that point where I have useful things to say and experiences to share. Unfortunately, that probably means a deployment will happen. BUT ... maybe I can find a middle ground! Share some of my past experiences with you, even though not all of you are military spouses, and try to be somewhat useful again.

We will see.

But for those that are here because you followed me, I'm glad you stuck around. I didn't make this available to everyone, so if you found me or followed the links on twitter, then I am definitely glad you are here. It's nice having a small piece of my past blogging life mixed in with this one!


Megan said...

How's the WOCS packet going? My husband turned his in last month and the board is in March! =)

Brittany said...

It's coming! He just had knee surgery, so he missed the most recent deadline. Hopefully he can get through physical therapy and pass the physical before the next deadline!