January 3, 2012

Pinterest Challenge 2012*

If you read this blog regularly, you have seen me mention COUNTLESS times about various things I have discovered on Pinterest. More often than not, they are recipes that I try for dinner, because I'm a total foodie and love to cook [I also love to cook really great meals that don't take more than 30 minutes during the week because seriously, who wants to slave away in the kitchen after slaving away at a desk all day? Yeah. Nobody.]

Quick detour, if you are not signed up on Pinterest, follow the link and check it out. It takes a little while to get your account registration approved, but it is totally worth it. And addicting. Don't say you haven't been warned.

My good friend, Cortney, over at A Dog, A Farm, A Canvas, A Quilt wrote a really great post today about how freaking awesome Pinterest is, but how it is also a huge time suck. Like her, I spend most of my time on it [which is a lot] re-pinning things, but rarely ever DOING the things I pin, therefore, making the whole point of the site a big fat waste of time. I will admit that I have found many great recipes through Pinterest that have been solid winners in my kitchen. But aside from the cooking, I haven't done much else.

So here's the plan. folks.

Like Cortney, I am going to attempt to make at least one thing a week that I find on Pinterest. I plan on sharing here, because I want to be accountable for actually being productive. Plus, this will help me out with one of my New Year's Goals. BUT, because I know so many people who frequent Pinterest, and who also happen to blog, I thought I would make this a group effort!

So let's do a link up!

Starting this Thursday, and every week through the rest of the year, do something creative that you find on Pinterest. Whether it's a recipe that you try for the first time, a homemade product, a knitting pattern that you fell in love with & decided to make, a photo that you took that was better than past photos because of tips you found on Pinterest .... you get the idea! Every Thursday I will open up the links and keep them open throughout the weekend. Come here, share your wonderfulness and see what other people are doing. Maybe you'll be inspired to try something else new!

Since it's already Tuesday, and Thursday is right around the corner, let's start the week with anything that you have done from Pinterest in the past. If you have already blogged about it, feel free to link up to that blog post. If you haven't blogged about it, but want to, feel free to do that as well.

I've written a detailed page with instructions, what to post, what to include, etc and you can find that here [or, by clicking "Pinterest Challenge" up in the menu bar!] Eventually, I will also include a button that you can add to your site & include in your posts.

Let's have some fun, people!


Brandy Niemeyer said...

I absolutely love this idea!!! I'm so in!

Jenny and Jason +1 said...

Okay I would love to join in but I don't know if I can keep up with 1 per week in the next few months with our move and all. Also, I don't have a blog. Am I still invited? :)

Brittany said...

Jenny: Only participate every week if you want to! I'm sure there will be weeks where people don't do anything because of time and what not! I definitely foresee that happening for me around March, when hello ... crafting isn't really a priority (but the links will still be open!)

But even with a blog, maybe there's another way? Do you have a flickr acct? You could always post a photo to there, or just post a photo of what you've done on Pinterest and link to that in the comments or the link up! There are work arounds!!