February 28, 2012

Our Nursery*

Well folks, our Nursery is about as complete as it going to get. With a week and a half left until my due date, I've done all I can until baby comes! I will say that I am very, very happy with how it turned out. While there are still a few things that I want to do after baby arrives [like get some canvas prints of baby photos for above the bookshelves] I think we're at a good stopping point.

When I originally started thinking about the nursery, we both had agreed that since we were not finding out the gender of the baby, that neutral was the way to go. But, we didn't want just any neutral. We wanted neutral with a twist. Something that would easily be adaptable to a boy or a girl, but DIFFERENT than what was out there. We also wanted something simple, that could easily transition post-baby. This meant something completely unique to us. We instantly fell in love with the idea of dark walls & bright colors & this was the mission I had in mind when we set out for decorations. Plus, with this room, we can throw in plenty of pink OR teal to make it more gender specific when the time is right.

I may or may not have also thrown in my obsession with the Dave Matthews Band into the room, as you will see with the concert posters hanging above the dresser. Weird. Yes. But me? 110%. 

We spent so much time in this room. I was so grateful to M for all of his help & hard work putting EVERYTHING together for us, helping with the painting & not screaming at me when I was constantly telling him "it is not CENTER. It needs to be CENTER. Where is the tape measure??" OCD at it's finest, folks.

Nursery Details
Crib: Babi Italia Eastside Lifestyle Crib from Babies R Us.
Mobile: Made by me. Instructions available here.
Hanging Star Light: Purchased at Fireworks in Seattle many, many years ago!
Curtains: Bird Flourish Curtains from Urban Outfitters.
Rug: ZigZag Printed Rug from Urban Outfitters.
Dresser: Bought at a used furniture store here in town & re-purposed. That project is available here. Paint color is "Provence" by Annie Sloan
DMB Wall Art: EBay!
Art Above Crib: An Etsy find, from the Pink Puppy Paper Co! Love these prints so much!
Glider: Target!
Yellow Blanket on Glider: Handmade by one of my Mom's best friends.
DMB Quilt on Glider Footrest: Handmade out of my old DMB concert tshirts by my AMAZING friend, Cortney.
Stuffed Lion: Target!
Giraffe in Crib: A baby shower gift from friends.
Lamb & Bins: Both from Target.

Linkin Park Does Adele*

I know this video has been making the rounds for a little while now, and I am totally late on posting this. But, if you haven't seen it then you must check it out. I happen to LOVE Linkin Park & have for many, many, MANY years! My love for Mike Shinoda runs deep. And, well, Adele is awesome. There's no way around it.

So, this cover is the best of both worlds. These two bands very much have different followers, and it's amazing that these two worlds have collided and transcended together. This is an excellent cover! Enjoy :)

February 24, 2012

Spring Style*

Y'all. It is February 24th. In case you didn't know. But keep that date in mind because according to today's weather, it's going to be damn near 80 degrees.

In February.

Eighty degrees.


I have been bitching to friends all winter about our LACK of winter we have been seeing. I'm pretty sure we've had more days in the 60's & 70's than we have anywhere near any type of cold weather. As a born and raised Northerner, this bothers me. We don't exactly get a TON of snow in Seattle, but we at least get a winter. Cold days. Sweaters. Boots. Cute jackets. Reasons to snuggle up on the couch with a blanket & a fire. Here?? 60 or 70 degrees is not winter.

With that said, I'm giving up the fight and giving in to the fact that with Spring right around the corner, there just won't be a winter here. It may be cold in the mornings, but it usually gets really warm by mid-day. And I admit, Spring is my favorite season. Granted, it doesn't last very long here because the Summer heat kicks in quick and by end of April, I'll probably be begging for more air conditioning. So, I'm embracing it, saying good bye to my dreams of any kind of snow, packing away my winter coats and moving on.

One of the reasons I love Spring so much is because it's my perfect clothing style. Jeans. Tshirts. Flip flops. (but let's face it. I wear flip flops pretty much year-round here. See again 80 degree weather in February). Post baby, I am very much looking forward to breaking out my old favorites, and perhaps shopping for some new ones! I've seen these style boards floating around Pinterest and am totally in love with how EASY it will be to recreate these. If I could wear outfits like this every single day, I would be a happy, happy girl!

Can we talk about how adorable this sweater is? I am a SUCKER for striped cardigans. They are my most favorite thing ever, especially paired with an comfy tshirt and a favorite pair of jeans. I also may or may not have a Tiffany bracelet :) Not sold on the heels but everything else, I love! 

YELLOW! I love me some yellow. That BAG is SO. CUTE. I love the accessories as well as the ruffled tank that would help conceal some of that left over baby pooch. And again, the cardigan. I own many. I may need to pick up an adorable yellow one !

There isn't much to say about this one except easy, easy, easy. It is so simple to jazz up your favorite worn in clothes with a couple of great accessories.

Again, more yello. Yellow & grey have been a slight obsession of mine recently, and I love everything about this outfit. The simple clothes, the simple accessories. The cute bag (have I ever mentioned how much I love bags? It's a problem. My husband hates me a little more every time I come home with a new one!)

I can't wait to break out all the good stuff!! What's your favorite thing about Spring?

February 20, 2012

Make Your Own Crib Mobile

A while back, when we were deciding what to do with the nursery and how to decorate it, I decided that the mobile was one of the things that I wanted to be slightly different than the normal things you can buy at Babies R Us. Not to mention the fact I really wasn't liking anything that was available. So, I searched and searched and found a mobile on Etsy that I loved ... but did NOT want to spend $35 on when it looked incredibly easy to recreate on my own.

So, I set out for recreating it. This project was so easy and looks so good in our nursery! Not to mention the fact that it is totally customizable to your theme & colors. All in all, this project cost about $6.00. SIX DOLLARS! You really can't beat that. Just to let you know, I completely fumbled my way through it with nothing but looking at a photo to guide me. So if you know of a better way to do this, please feel free to do so! However, I promise you ... this is extremely easy!

First things first. Because of the theme of our nursery, I used six different colors for the six different felt balls. You'll be making three small ones and three large ones. I have seen mobiles like this with only two colors, such as white and teal, or black and pink. Whatever your fancy is and whatever you are going with. (Excuse my picture quality in the photos below. It was rainy and dark when I was working on these over the weekend, which means I had zero natural light to shoot with!! They aren't the greatest.]

You are first going to want to cut out even circles for all your felt puff balls. Or whatever you want to call them. Really, I don't have an official name and I feel weird saying "balls" over and over again in this post. Yup. I'm 31 years old. Either way, that's what they are!

But I digress. You are going to want the same number for all your small ones and all your large ones. For this mobile, I used three large felt balls [hee hee! Ok, I'll stop now.] and three small ones. For what is shown, I used eight total felt circles for each ball, both large and small. Use whatever you have around the house to outline your pattern.

See? It doesn't have to be fancy. Technical expertise at work!! I used a pot lid for my large circles [getting two large circles on each felt sheet, four sheets in total for each color] and a random dish that seemed like a good size for the smaller ones [getting four small circles on each felt sheet, two in total for each color].

Please know that I used eight circles for each felt ball. If you want to make them a little more dense, feel free to use more. Just make sure you have an even number [I'll explain why below].

Once you have everything cut out and separated, you will then start putting them together. Take one felt circle and fold it in half. Then fold it in half again, until you get the image below. On the second fold, you'll create a point down at the bottom. At this point I took the hot glue gun and upon the second fold, put a quick dab of hot glue in there to hold it together and to help it keep this shape. Sorry for not taking a photo of that, but it will make sense when you do it. Essentially, where my fingers are holding the felt, I'm holding the glue in place so it can dry.

You're going to want to do this for ALL your felt circles, large and small. I did one felt ball at a time, from start to finish, but do whatever works best for you. Once you have them all glued as shown above, then you are going to start assembling. Because I used eight circles total, I used four felt circles per half [as shown below].

There really is no rhyme or reason to putting these together. Do whatever you think looks best, but essentially, make sure that all glued points come together. This right here is the underside, but the top half looks like half a puffy circle. You'll glue everything together in the middle.

Now, since I used four felt circles for the top half of the ball, I used four felt circles for the bottom half ... eight in total. If you use five felt circles for one half, use five for the bottom half ... ten in total. You get the idea. Make sure you use an even amount otherwise your felt ball will look a little top heavy and won't be uniform in shape or size.

Once you have both halves glued together in the centers, throw some hot glue right smack in the middle and push the two halves together.

Once you are completed, you will have a ball that looks like this:

And when you are done with ALL of them, they will look like this:

Once you have all the felt balls together, it's time to assemble. I used a heavy cotton thread that I bought at the craft store, and the hoop is nothing more than the inside portion of a cross stitch hoop, that you can buy for dirt cheap at any crafting store as well. This particular one is six inches wide.

Make sure you cut plenty of thread before assembling. My mobile hangs about three and a half feet from ceiling to the lowest ball on the mobile, but it's completely up to you how far down you want it to come. So make sure you cut plenty of extra thread to leave room for error, room for adjustment, etc. But essentially, you want two felt balls per strand, one small one and one large one. Play with the way the hang and the distance between the two. I liked mine a little off center and not all even to fill out out a little more, but do what you think looks best.

To attach to the ceiling, I used a simple ceiling hook that screwed into the ceiling in the nursery. I bought it for $.50 at Home Depot.

All in all, this project took me about an hour and a half to complete. The mobile looks gorgeous in our nursery and is definitely unique. Not to mention inexpensive and easy! If you have any questions, let me know in the comments. I'm sure I could have explained a little easier, but since this is my first tutorial, I'm sure I forgot something! ENJOY!

February 16, 2012

37 Weeks*

Happy Thursday! First off, after much consideration, we're going to move the Pinterest Challenge to a monthly event. I figured this way it will allow people to be more crafty. And, if you do multiple Pinterest inspired wonderfulness, then showcase them all! I think this will be better for everyone.

This week we hit 37 weeks in the pregnancy. Full term. Holy cow.

Unfortunately, there is zero progress indicating that this baby is coming anytime soon. I have not had a single contraction and have been at 1cm for the last two weeks. I realize that I still have three weeks until my due date and that baby just needs some more time to cook.

But holy uncomfortable. I'm not sure there is much more room in there for the little one, and things are becoming quite painful. The movements that I loved and adored for so long have now started to hurt. I literally have one spot on my stomach that is sore because it's constantly being punched, kicked & stretched. I don't have a large waist to begin with, and I knew going into pregnancy that there wouldn't be a ton of room. But I'm sort of dreading these last three weeks. I would imagine that the pain will only get worse.

I've also hit a new level of exhaustion. I'm good until about 2:00 in the afternoon & then it's this crash and no amount of caffeine can help me out of it. Luckily I have an amazing job and work with great employees that understand things are a little rough right now. However, constantly hearing "you look awful" in the afternoons is getting old. I really need to find a pick me up. Any suggestions? I'll take any I can get! I'm not sure M quite understands just HOW exhausted I am, and how difficult things are getting for me, but I try to convey it as best as I can, so he doesn't think I'm just being lazy. But literally, going to the grocery store after work yesterday took every ounce of energy that I had left. I tweeted at one point that I was fighting exhaustion tears as I worked my way through, grabbing only the things we needed most for the next week or so. But it really and truly just cannot be helped. By the end of the work day, I have nothing left to give. The couch and I have built up a great relationship these past couple of weeks. I've been on a self-imposed bed rest because the thought of doing anything else just wears me out. Ok not really, but all I want to do when I come home is sleep.

Things are not all bad, though. We've spent last weekend doing absolutely nothing, and that's essentially how the rest of this pregnancy will go. I'm trying to relax as much as I can and enjoy my husband as much as I can as well. We're down to the last couple weeks of it just being the two of us. We have some date nights planned just so that we can get out of the house, but for the most part, we are counting down and waiting. With me being full term, we're going to do what we can to help things along [spicy food, long walks, lots of hanky panky --- lucky M!] ... I fully realize this kid will come exactly when it wants to and not a moment too soon, but it will make me feel better if I THINK I'm aiding in the process :)

But the bags are packed. The car seat is loaded. The nursery is JUST ABOUT finished [photos to come, I promise]. We are as ready as we will ever be, meaning that we're not at all ready for what's about to happen, but looking forward to it none the less. My IUI back in June seems SO long ago. As long as this pregnancy has felt, I can't believe that we're finally to this point. That the light at the end of the tunnel is suddenly very, very bright. And in less than a month, regardless, we'll have a new member to our family. We're excited, anxious, scared shitless ... but as ready as we will ever be!!

February 9, 2012

What I'm Bringing To The Hospital (Pinterest Challenge)*

Welcome to the Pinterest Challenge: Week Six! If you are new to this challenge [as I'm sure most people are!] then feel free to go here to check out the rules & all pertinent information.

One of the things that I have patrolled for through Pinterest were ideas on what the heck I would need at the hospital when the time came to deliver this babe growing inside me. I am a CHRONIC over-packer [ask my husband. It is comical the amount of crap I pack when we go ANYWHERE] and even though we are going to be in the hospital for two or three days, I am seriously fighting the urge to pack my entire closet. Or at least every single comfortable tshirt and pair of yoga pants I own, you know, JUST IN CASE.

Because that's how I roll. A girl has GOT to have options, people.

I was happy to find many, many blog posts through Pinterest of other women categorizing & listing out what they were planning on bringing to the hospital on the big day. Some even took it a step further & went back to update their list, letting readers know what they brought vs what was actually used. It was a great starting point for me to sort of figure out what the common themes were, what unique things people brought that they couldn't live with out, and what they brought that was totally useless.

Check out some of these ladies & their suggestions:

E Tells Tales: What's In My Hospital Bag
Simply Being Mommy: What to Pack In Your Hospital Bag
What to Expect: What to Pack for the Hospital
Happily A Law Mama: What to Pack In Your Hospital Bag

These are all great lists, and there are many, many more out there. All you have to do is google them. But lists like these, as well advice from some close friends, gave me some good ideas about what is definitely necessary, what to do without, and some extra's that are totally up to the individual.

With that said, it truly is amazing that you can find ANYTHING on Pinterest. I will often go there before I go elsewhere to do a quick search & see what I can find. My love for Pinterest is endless. So here are my items that are currently packed [or will be packed once I purchase them in the coming week] in the bag.

Two Nightgowns: I'm not particularly a fan of hospital gowns, plus the whole back side being wide open every time you get up to go to the bathroom. I figure these will be easy & comfortable.
Cardigan: It's nothing fancy. I bought it in the sleeper section at Target. It's soft, comfortable, and will keep me a little warm when we're just hanging out.
Slippers/Warm Socks: Um, because my feet get cold really easy!
Towel/Wash Cloth: I'm not really sure what the hospital towels will be like. Figured one of my own towels will be nice to have.
Flip Flops: For the shower or walking around the hospital.
Toiletries: This includes shampoo/conditioner, face moisturizer, toothbrush/toothpaste, chapstick, hair ties and some light makeup. Call me vain, but having a little bit of make-up on [we're talking bronzer & mascara!] makes me feel better about myself. I'm expecting lots of photos being taken, so I will greatly appreciate having these items. And as my friend Jenny said, how long does it really take to throw that stuff on?? :)
My Own Pillows: This was one of the BIGGEST suggestions people had. We were also told during our L&D tour that pillows are scarce, so that we should bring our own. Plus, I really like my pillows. I will definitely sleep better with them.
Underwear [2-3 Pairs]: I've heard that this can be a hit or miss. Some people love the mesh panties the hospital provides, others don't. If I don't mind the mesh ones, I'll rock those! No sense in ruining my own. But if I don't, then I have back-ups.
Nursing Bra/Tank: I have yet to buy these. But it's on my ASAP list. These will be needed for obvious reasons!
Music: We are big music people, me especially, so having a small docking station and my iPod is a must. Plain and simple.
Pads: Because who knows if the hospital will provide these. I am going to assume yes, but having a couple on hand won't hurt. 
Camera: I'm a photographer. This one is definitely a necessity!!!
Phone & Chargers: For obvious reasons! My family & friends would kill me if my cell phone died the first day we were there!
Necessary Documents: This includes a copy of my birth plan, our form signed by the nurse stating that we have watched the required epidural video [I'm opting for no epidural, but things change!] and the paperwork to start the process for the birth certificate.

Change of Clothes: He's going to be there for a couple of days with me. He might as well bring his sweats and a couple of t-shirts so that he's not wearing the same thing for two or three days!
Snacks: We were told that while my meals are paid for by the hospital/insurance, his are not. We have already had friends who have offered to bring meals, but having some snacks in between will be great for him [and me, too!] when we don't want to pay for food at the cafeteria.
Reading Materials: For any down time he may have.
Toiletries: The basics for him as well, including body wash & toothbrush/toothpaste.
Pillows/Blanket: Since he will likely be sleeping on a chair or couch, he might need these. 

Boppy Pillow: I know this will come in handy during attempted breast feeding times!
Blanket: I KNOW that the hospital will provide receiving blankets, but we have received so many amazing homemade blankets from friends that it just seems right to bring one with us.
Going Home Outfit: We have packed two, in two different sizes [just in case!], as well as mittens, socks and a hat. All things to keep baby warm!
Car Seat: Given [and already installed!]

So that's it! It seems like a lot, but everything listed above [aside from the nursing bras/tanks that I have not yet bought] fit in the two bags in the photo. The red one is mine, the black one is M's with PLENTY of room to spare in his. A couple of the things, like the pillows & the Boppy, will be carried. Everything is already packed & ready to go! If you've packed a hospital bag, what did you include? Anything not on this list that you recommend?

What have you guys done this week?!

February 8, 2012

Four Weeks Left*

With only four-ish weeks left until my due date, my mind has been racing in a million different directions. Lots of fear. Excitement. Worry. Anxiety. LOTS of anxiety. It's crazy that after all this time, we're finally at the end. There are times where I never thought I would make it here, that getting to this point was impossible, but at the same time it feels like it has flown by and I'm not quite ready for it to be over.

But then again, I am. I'm ready for the next chapter, ready to meet the baby that's been hibernating inside me for almost nine months. We have really taken the past couple of weeks to finalize any preparations needed before the kiddo arrives. The nursery is almost finished. The car-seat is installed. The hospital bags are [almost] packed. As exciting as it all is, it's a little overwhelming as well.

For whatever reason, I can't seem to shake the worry & the anxiety. It feels like it's overshadowing the excitement that we should [and are] feeling. But I can't help it. So many random thoughts keep popping into my head. Did we make the right choice by choosing not to have any prenatal testing done? Is my baby healthy? [Not that it matters, we would love it anyways!] What if something happens to me during labor? To the baby? Are we REALLY ready for this? Do we have everything? How many ways can we fuck this up along the way?

It's crazy that just over five years ago we started this journey, and now it's coming to what will hopefully be a happy ending. I don't know if more kids are in the cards for us, or if this will be the only one we decide to have. The issue has come up and while we are leaning towards this being our only one, I think that realization makes these fears all the more real. This is it. This our shot. Let's hope to whoever it up there in the great big sky that we did it right.

So now we just wait. Our Savanna trip was our last big outing for the two of us. Aside from M having to go to the field for a couple of days (uh, two weeks before my due date. Not SUPER thrilled about that, but what can an Army Wife do?) we have nothing planned. Nothing but sitting around and waiting. Relaxing. Getting as much sleep as we can. Things are starting to wind down for me here at work, with the realization that I will be out for three months. While I still have four weeks before my due date, we are trying to plan as much as possible before I take off. We're are a small company [about 12 people] so my absence will be noticed. But all in all, I think we're as ready, physically, as we can be.

But all that sitting around and waiting I think is what is making the anxiety worse. With nothing else to do but minor projects, I can't help but go back to all those thoughts. Call me crazy, but hopefully this is totally normal.

So now all we need is the baby. And all we can do it wait. Which, in it's own respect is getting harder and harder [and more uncomfortable!]. Four weeks & counting!

February 6, 2012


Two weekends ago, M & I took off to Savannah, GA for the weekend. We had decided long ago that before baby came, we wanted to get away somewhere. Just the two of us. We had done plenty of traveling last year, but it was always back west to see family; not that we don't absolutely love those trips, but having some alone time before our lives were about to so drastically change was really important to us.

So off to Savannah we went! I had been before on a quick work trip [in a previous life] but M had never been. It was somewhere we always wanted to go together & experience. We needed some time to sort of reconnect with each other without the hustle and bustle of life & home & three crazy dogs & friends/family.  Just us. For a whole weekend.

We took off on a Friday night and made the four-ish hour drive south to Savannah. We stayed at this gorgeous old hotel, called The Marshall House. While the beds were not at SOFT as we were hoping for, it was a great, great experience. The hotel has been around for over 100 years, and has so much history to it. It was gorgeous and had so many great characteristics. We knew as soon as we walked in that we would enjoy it!

Since we got in a little late, we threw our stuff in our room and headed out for a quick walk. We ended up at a great little bar called Churchill's, where we had a couple of appetizers & some drinks [well, the non-alcoholic variety for me!]. After getting some food in our stomach, we headed down to the Riverwalk and strolled for a bit before heading back to the hotel & calling it a night.

Saturday morning we woke up, had breakfast & headed out! M was really interesting in all the amazing parks that Savannah is famous for, & I wanted to check out the graveyards. I have this totally odd fascination with graveyards [which, at least I can admit it is kind of weird and creepy!] but I love the history behind them. So M & I strolled and walked as much as we [I] could! I lasted a couple of hours but being eight months pregnant, doing a lot of walking can take a lot out of you! But we definitely got some good sight-seeing in while spending some great time together!

When my feet finally gave out & my belly told me no more, we hopped on a trolly and did a tour of the city via wheels! I was so happy to sit for an hour and a half, but was also happy to see parts of the city that I had never seen before.

After our tour, we found ourselves only a couple of blocks away from Paula Deen's restaurant. There was no line and we were able to get a late lunch time, which was AMAZING. We gorged ourselves on so much food [to the point where we both skipped dinner that night because we were still so stuffed!] and great desserts [um, Gooey Buttery Cake, anyone??!] It was totally worth going, and if you ever have a chance to go to Lady & Sons, do it! It is worth the weeks worth of calories in one meal. I promise you this! 

After a great nap [again ... eight months pregnant. I was beat!] we headed out again to walk the Riverwalk and people watch. Sunday morning was low key, consisting of sleeping in, a late breakfast and then hitting the road back home.The weather was amazingly perfect the whole weekend we were there, and it was so great to spend some time together without any distractions. M & I love to travel and have a long list of places to see so it was great to scratch one of those places off our list. We definitely plan on returning in the future! 

Because I'm me, I took a million photos, but these are some of my favorites. Seriously ... if you can go to Savannah, go! Such a lovely, lovely place. And, bring your sweetie if you can ;) I was so glad we got out of town for the weekend!

February 3, 2012

Pinterest Challenge: Week Five

Welcome to the Pinterest Challenge: Week Five! If you are new to this challenge [as I'm sure most people are!] then feel free to go here to check out the rules & all pertinent information. 

So, I am late again. I apologize! My days are getting away from me, and I'm failing big time on the blogging aspect! I really need to be better about scheduling posts. HOWEVER, better late than never. :) I hope you all had a wonderful week & made lots of great things. I am loving seeing everyone's goodies!

Prior to what I previously thought, I actually did have time to make something this week :) Yay me! My goodies come from Skinny Taste, which is probably my new favorite food recipe website. So many easy, delicious & HEALTHY recipes!

This week M & I tackled some Turkey Stuffed Peppers. They were, all in all, easy to make and pretty good. I will say that if I make them again, I will definitely up the seasoning. They weren't bland by any stretch of the imagination, but M & I both like a lot of kick & flavor to our foods, so I will most likely be experimenting with seasoning flavor the next go around [and there definitely will be a next go around!]

Photo from SkinnyTaste.com :)
Turkey Stuffed Peppers
  • 1 lb lean chopped turkey meat
  • 1 garlic, minced
  • 1/4 onion, minced
  • 1 tbsp chopped fresh cilantro or parsley
  • 1 tsp garlic powder
  • 1 tsp cumin powder
  • salt to taste
  • 3 large sweet red bell peppers, washed
  • 1 cup fat free chicken broth
  • 1/4 cup tomato sauce
  • 1 1/2 cups cooked rice
  • Olive oil spray
  • 1/4 cup reduced fat shredded cheese

Heat oven to 400°. Spray a little olive oil spray in a medium size saute pan and heat on a medium flame. Add onion, garlic and cilantro to the pan. Saute about 2 minutes and add ground turkey. Season with salt and garlic powder, and cumin and brown meat for several minutes until meat is completely cooked through. Add 1/4 cup of tomato sauce and 1/2 cup of chicken broth, mix well and simmer on low for about 5 minutes. Combine cooked rice and meat together.

Cut the bell peppers in half lengthwise, and remove all seeds. Place in a baking dish. Spoon the meat mixture into each pepper half and fill it with as much as you can. Place all stuffed pepper halves on the baking dish and pour the remainder of the chicken broth on the bottom of the pan. Cover tight with aluminum foil and bake for about 35 minutes. Top with shredded cheddar cheese and enjoy. 

YUM! Seriously good, guys. I definitely recommend this recipe. Again, play with the seasoning, as there are a lot of options for this. But it was definitely good. We only ate one each, which left four for leftovers & they heat up great in the microwave. Two minutes each and they were good to go!

What have you done this week?