February 16, 2012

37 Weeks*

Happy Thursday! First off, after much consideration, we're going to move the Pinterest Challenge to a monthly event. I figured this way it will allow people to be more crafty. And, if you do multiple Pinterest inspired wonderfulness, then showcase them all! I think this will be better for everyone.

This week we hit 37 weeks in the pregnancy. Full term. Holy cow.

Unfortunately, there is zero progress indicating that this baby is coming anytime soon. I have not had a single contraction and have been at 1cm for the last two weeks. I realize that I still have three weeks until my due date and that baby just needs some more time to cook.

But holy uncomfortable. I'm not sure there is much more room in there for the little one, and things are becoming quite painful. The movements that I loved and adored for so long have now started to hurt. I literally have one spot on my stomach that is sore because it's constantly being punched, kicked & stretched. I don't have a large waist to begin with, and I knew going into pregnancy that there wouldn't be a ton of room. But I'm sort of dreading these last three weeks. I would imagine that the pain will only get worse.

I've also hit a new level of exhaustion. I'm good until about 2:00 in the afternoon & then it's this crash and no amount of caffeine can help me out of it. Luckily I have an amazing job and work with great employees that understand things are a little rough right now. However, constantly hearing "you look awful" in the afternoons is getting old. I really need to find a pick me up. Any suggestions? I'll take any I can get! I'm not sure M quite understands just HOW exhausted I am, and how difficult things are getting for me, but I try to convey it as best as I can, so he doesn't think I'm just being lazy. But literally, going to the grocery store after work yesterday took every ounce of energy that I had left. I tweeted at one point that I was fighting exhaustion tears as I worked my way through, grabbing only the things we needed most for the next week or so. But it really and truly just cannot be helped. By the end of the work day, I have nothing left to give. The couch and I have built up a great relationship these past couple of weeks. I've been on a self-imposed bed rest because the thought of doing anything else just wears me out. Ok not really, but all I want to do when I come home is sleep.

Things are not all bad, though. We've spent last weekend doing absolutely nothing, and that's essentially how the rest of this pregnancy will go. I'm trying to relax as much as I can and enjoy my husband as much as I can as well. We're down to the last couple weeks of it just being the two of us. We have some date nights planned just so that we can get out of the house, but for the most part, we are counting down and waiting. With me being full term, we're going to do what we can to help things along [spicy food, long walks, lots of hanky panky --- lucky M!] ... I fully realize this kid will come exactly when it wants to and not a moment too soon, but it will make me feel better if I THINK I'm aiding in the process :)

But the bags are packed. The car seat is loaded. The nursery is JUST ABOUT finished [photos to come, I promise]. We are as ready as we will ever be, meaning that we're not at all ready for what's about to happen, but looking forward to it none the less. My IUI back in June seems SO long ago. As long as this pregnancy has felt, I can't believe that we're finally to this point. That the light at the end of the tunnel is suddenly very, very bright. And in less than a month, regardless, we'll have a new member to our family. We're excited, anxious, scared shitless ... but as ready as we will ever be!!


Sunny said...

i did nothing my final weeks of pregnancy, tried many many things to get my labor going. http://slobberandthesuburbs.blogspot.com/2011/03/i-will-not-do-that-again_17.html, was not so successful. the final week i decided i would rather have an induction than have sex. i was just that uncomfortable. sending you strength, i drank lots of water, but that just made me wet my pants even more, so who knows. i would say listen to your body, if it wants to halt at 2pm let it.

Lauren said...

Is there a place that does prenatal massage there? That worked wonders for me at this stage! Hang in there!!!! Xo

Heather said...

Good luck! Hope you get some rest and baby comes soon!