February 24, 2012

Spring Style*

Y'all. It is February 24th. In case you didn't know. But keep that date in mind because according to today's weather, it's going to be damn near 80 degrees.

In February.

Eighty degrees.


I have been bitching to friends all winter about our LACK of winter we have been seeing. I'm pretty sure we've had more days in the 60's & 70's than we have anywhere near any type of cold weather. As a born and raised Northerner, this bothers me. We don't exactly get a TON of snow in Seattle, but we at least get a winter. Cold days. Sweaters. Boots. Cute jackets. Reasons to snuggle up on the couch with a blanket & a fire. Here?? 60 or 70 degrees is not winter.

With that said, I'm giving up the fight and giving in to the fact that with Spring right around the corner, there just won't be a winter here. It may be cold in the mornings, but it usually gets really warm by mid-day. And I admit, Spring is my favorite season. Granted, it doesn't last very long here because the Summer heat kicks in quick and by end of April, I'll probably be begging for more air conditioning. So, I'm embracing it, saying good bye to my dreams of any kind of snow, packing away my winter coats and moving on.

One of the reasons I love Spring so much is because it's my perfect clothing style. Jeans. Tshirts. Flip flops. (but let's face it. I wear flip flops pretty much year-round here. See again 80 degree weather in February). Post baby, I am very much looking forward to breaking out my old favorites, and perhaps shopping for some new ones! I've seen these style boards floating around Pinterest and am totally in love with how EASY it will be to recreate these. If I could wear outfits like this every single day, I would be a happy, happy girl!

Can we talk about how adorable this sweater is? I am a SUCKER for striped cardigans. They are my most favorite thing ever, especially paired with an comfy tshirt and a favorite pair of jeans. I also may or may not have a Tiffany bracelet :) Not sold on the heels but everything else, I love! 

YELLOW! I love me some yellow. That BAG is SO. CUTE. I love the accessories as well as the ruffled tank that would help conceal some of that left over baby pooch. And again, the cardigan. I own many. I may need to pick up an adorable yellow one !

There isn't much to say about this one except easy, easy, easy. It is so simple to jazz up your favorite worn in clothes with a couple of great accessories.

Again, more yello. Yellow & grey have been a slight obsession of mine recently, and I love everything about this outfit. The simple clothes, the simple accessories. The cute bag (have I ever mentioned how much I love bags? It's a problem. My husband hates me a little more every time I come home with a new one!)

I can't wait to break out all the good stuff!! What's your favorite thing about Spring?

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Tsoniki Crazy Bull said...

I love the last one! A lot! I want new clothes. I'm bad at saying "when I lose *however much* then I'll go shopping." LOL