February 9, 2012

What I'm Bringing To The Hospital (Pinterest Challenge)*

Welcome to the Pinterest Challenge: Week Six! If you are new to this challenge [as I'm sure most people are!] then feel free to go here to check out the rules & all pertinent information.

One of the things that I have patrolled for through Pinterest were ideas on what the heck I would need at the hospital when the time came to deliver this babe growing inside me. I am a CHRONIC over-packer [ask my husband. It is comical the amount of crap I pack when we go ANYWHERE] and even though we are going to be in the hospital for two or three days, I am seriously fighting the urge to pack my entire closet. Or at least every single comfortable tshirt and pair of yoga pants I own, you know, JUST IN CASE.

Because that's how I roll. A girl has GOT to have options, people.

I was happy to find many, many blog posts through Pinterest of other women categorizing & listing out what they were planning on bringing to the hospital on the big day. Some even took it a step further & went back to update their list, letting readers know what they brought vs what was actually used. It was a great starting point for me to sort of figure out what the common themes were, what unique things people brought that they couldn't live with out, and what they brought that was totally useless.

Check out some of these ladies & their suggestions:

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These are all great lists, and there are many, many more out there. All you have to do is google them. But lists like these, as well advice from some close friends, gave me some good ideas about what is definitely necessary, what to do without, and some extra's that are totally up to the individual.

With that said, it truly is amazing that you can find ANYTHING on Pinterest. I will often go there before I go elsewhere to do a quick search & see what I can find. My love for Pinterest is endless. So here are my items that are currently packed [or will be packed once I purchase them in the coming week] in the bag.

Two Nightgowns: I'm not particularly a fan of hospital gowns, plus the whole back side being wide open every time you get up to go to the bathroom. I figure these will be easy & comfortable.
Cardigan: It's nothing fancy. I bought it in the sleeper section at Target. It's soft, comfortable, and will keep me a little warm when we're just hanging out.
Slippers/Warm Socks: Um, because my feet get cold really easy!
Towel/Wash Cloth: I'm not really sure what the hospital towels will be like. Figured one of my own towels will be nice to have.
Flip Flops: For the shower or walking around the hospital.
Toiletries: This includes shampoo/conditioner, face moisturizer, toothbrush/toothpaste, chapstick, hair ties and some light makeup. Call me vain, but having a little bit of make-up on [we're talking bronzer & mascara!] makes me feel better about myself. I'm expecting lots of photos being taken, so I will greatly appreciate having these items. And as my friend Jenny said, how long does it really take to throw that stuff on?? :)
My Own Pillows: This was one of the BIGGEST suggestions people had. We were also told during our L&D tour that pillows are scarce, so that we should bring our own. Plus, I really like my pillows. I will definitely sleep better with them.
Underwear [2-3 Pairs]: I've heard that this can be a hit or miss. Some people love the mesh panties the hospital provides, others don't. If I don't mind the mesh ones, I'll rock those! No sense in ruining my own. But if I don't, then I have back-ups.
Nursing Bra/Tank: I have yet to buy these. But it's on my ASAP list. These will be needed for obvious reasons!
Music: We are big music people, me especially, so having a small docking station and my iPod is a must. Plain and simple.
Pads: Because who knows if the hospital will provide these. I am going to assume yes, but having a couple on hand won't hurt. 
Camera: I'm a photographer. This one is definitely a necessity!!!
Phone & Chargers: For obvious reasons! My family & friends would kill me if my cell phone died the first day we were there!
Necessary Documents: This includes a copy of my birth plan, our form signed by the nurse stating that we have watched the required epidural video [I'm opting for no epidural, but things change!] and the paperwork to start the process for the birth certificate.

Change of Clothes: He's going to be there for a couple of days with me. He might as well bring his sweats and a couple of t-shirts so that he's not wearing the same thing for two or three days!
Snacks: We were told that while my meals are paid for by the hospital/insurance, his are not. We have already had friends who have offered to bring meals, but having some snacks in between will be great for him [and me, too!] when we don't want to pay for food at the cafeteria.
Reading Materials: For any down time he may have.
Toiletries: The basics for him as well, including body wash & toothbrush/toothpaste.
Pillows/Blanket: Since he will likely be sleeping on a chair or couch, he might need these. 

Boppy Pillow: I know this will come in handy during attempted breast feeding times!
Blanket: I KNOW that the hospital will provide receiving blankets, but we have received so many amazing homemade blankets from friends that it just seems right to bring one with us.
Going Home Outfit: We have packed two, in two different sizes [just in case!], as well as mittens, socks and a hat. All things to keep baby warm!
Car Seat: Given [and already installed!]

So that's it! It seems like a lot, but everything listed above [aside from the nursing bras/tanks that I have not yet bought] fit in the two bags in the photo. The red one is mine, the black one is M's with PLENTY of room to spare in his. A couple of the things, like the pillows & the Boppy, will be carried. Everything is already packed & ready to go! If you've packed a hospital bag, what did you include? Anything not on this list that you recommend?

What have you guys done this week?!

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MrsV said...

Great list! I'm in the process of packing right now as well, and by in the process I mean I pack, then unpack, then repack over and over lol. Each time I either feel I've packed too much or not enough ;)