April 19, 2012

Four Weeks: One Month Old!*

It's hard to believe that at this time four weeks ago, I was recovering from our very difficult delivery but completely & blissfully enamored by the little guy that had graced us with his presence. I know I will keep saying this, probably for years to come, but I do not know where the time went. How is it that this little guy is now a month old?

This past week has been challenging, as Lucas has been going through what I can only categorize as a growth spurt. He has been eating constantly [every hour and a half to two hours, versus every three hours of the previous weeks] and does not want to be put down. Clingy does not even begin to describe it. With that said, I am very grateful that I spent money on some excellent baby carriers, and my Maya Sling Wrap has been used every single day. Aside from the growth spurt/eating/clinginess phase of this past week, he is also napping in shorter time frames, leaving very few opportunities during the day for me to get things done. Insert sling wrap here. It has allowed me to at least throw in a load of laundry, wash some bottles or cram a sandwich into my mouth with both my hands and without a crying baby in the other room. We've been solo this past week as M has been in the field [hooray Army training!] and won't be back for a few more days, so it's been a little daunting, but nothing I can't handle. Although, M may have to take over for a couple of hours when he finally gets home so mamma can have a LITTLE alone time! :)

But, with shorter naps for Lucas, it means more baby time for me! Since he has been so awake this past week, it has left more time for us to play. Or, play as much as you can with a four week old newborn. Our playing time this past week has consisted of some tummy time in bed in the morning after his bottle, as well as time on his play mat in the afternoons. We've also enjoyed reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar in the mornings when he wakes up. Because he has been so alert this past week, he has been able to focus on specific objects much better. I think he likes this books because of the high contrast in colors. Either way, it always catches his attention. 

But the best part of all of it is that his personality is really starting to come out. This kid is about as laid back as one can get. The only times he cries is if he's hungry, needs a diaper change or just wants to be held. Other than that, when he is awake it just soaks everything in. I am hoping that he stays this way through life! The dogs still haven't quite figured out what is going on yet, but have become a little more accustomed to having Lucas around. Cooper is not a fan of the crying, at least the past couple of days, but they are curious as ever when he is down at their level and it is fun to watch them try to figure him out. I can't wait until Lucas is big enough to interact with them a little more.

View from above! He loves the sling wrap!
All in all, I can't believe how fast the time is going, and even on the hardest days [which I will admit, they have not been that difficult lately] I want the time to go just a little bit slower. With four weeks down, it means I only have six weeks left of my maternity leave. As much as I miss people interaction and am looking forward to getting back to my job, I already know I'll have a hard time leaving this guy, even though I know he will be in completely capable  hands. It's just not something I'm ready to think about!

As far as the breast feeding is going, I have, for the most part, stopped nursing. I am still pumping 8 times a day, but am only producing about half of what he needs on a daily basis, despite herbs and other methods to up my supply. This is another post that I am currently working on, but it all boils down to a breast reduction surgery I had two years ago. But, he's still getting some boob juice with every meal, we are just having to add a little extra to supplement. And you know what? I'm ok with that. But again ... another post for another day!

Tummy Time!
 The baby blues I can safely say have pretty much passed. The baby blues are a natural aspect of post-pregnancy, but let me tell you, they are rough. I can categorically say that post-pregnancy hormones can kick pregnancy hormones asses. TEN TIMES WORSE. But, it is what it is. I used twitter and this blog for an outlet a couple of times when days were really bad, but for the most part, I have kept things to myself. The only people that I talked about the baby blues in details to were my husband and my best friend, two people who know me better than anybody and always had the right thing to say. It's not fun to admit that you're crying hysterically over something that you can't even remember. Not to mention the fact that those first two weeks are completely overwhelming. But the way I was feeling, I just didn't want to discuss it at length with anyone. It definitely didn't mean that I was struggling, but I FULLY appreciate all the support that was given to me when I did bring it up. So, thank you for that. However, I am glad to have that part of this behind me!

So one month down. I feel like next I'm going to be writing about his high school graduation. Slow it down kid, will ya?


Nicole said...

Lucas is simply adorable! I believe that all kids should come with pause buttons because they grow in the blink of an eye!

Heather said...

He is too cute! I admire you for handling everything so well. I think I must also get one of those slings things - sounds like a plan!