June 26, 2012

Changes In The Works*

I mentioned a few days ago that I decided this little blog here needed a change. Something different but with some more focus. I've strayed from that and need to find my way back to the creative outlet that I so badly wanted when I first started here.

And I am happy to say that things are underway. I will be working with the ever so fabulous Shay Bocks again [who did the current design] to update into something bigger and better. My goal is to have a better space to showcase my photography, which I hope to start doing more often. I'm also in the process of creating some designs for invites [baby showers, birthday parties, bridal showers and such], baby announcements, and various other designs and will be opening up an etsy shop in the coming months, once I have a substantial amount of things to put in there. I hope to be able to showcase new creations here, as well. I'm also going to keep up with recipe postings, but again, am going to try and use my own photography while doing something.

And, of course, I will continue to bombard you with photos of the kid. At some point, we will start back down the journey for another baby, and I'm sure that will be equally as frustrating and heart breaking as it was last time. I absolutely want to keep this site infertility friendly [if that even makes sense].

So all in all, the little hodge podge of a creative website that I wanted two years ago is finally underway. I'm excited about all the changes that will be coming, as well as taking things to the next level, and am so excited to work with Shay to make this space beautiful. She is an amazing designer who does amazing things. I completely urge you to check out her work.

Stay tuned!


Heather said...

Looking forward to the new places you'll go with your new blog design!

Niki Abel said...

Goodluck on the changes. :) Have a great weekend!!d