June 17, 2012

Home Improvement: New Patio!

About a year ago, M and I decided to take out the existing deck that we had attached to our house, and eventually replace it with some new steps and a patio.

The deck that we had was high, resulting in ZERO privacy because you could see us over the fence. Our dogs would actually get up on the railing and sit there, so that they could see out into the neighborhood, that's how high it was. The deck was small in size, and wasn't very functional. There was barely room for a grill, let alone anything other then one camping chair. Not really ideal for entertaining of any sort. Plus, with the deck where it was, it left little room between the deck and the fence [our back door is actually on the side of the house], making it nearly impossible to get anything bigger than the lawn mower in the back.

So, we ripped out the deck with grand plans in mind to open up the space. When we ripped out the deck, we found a ton of water damage to the house. We would have had to put new siding on that side of the house, so we ended up just spending the money and residing out entire house with new, better, prettier and longer lasting siding. The patio sort of got put to the way-side.

BUT, this year we are finally getting things done. And by we, I mean my darling husband who is out there shoveling dirt and dumping rocks while I stay in the nice, air conditioned home. Hey. Somebody has to watch the baby!

He has been working his butt of to dig out a 12x40 foot area that will eventually be our new cement patio. And I cannot tell you how friggin' excited I am for this!! We have been in this house for five years, and I always dread having a lot of guests over, due to the simple fact that I have nowhere outside to entertain people. But the dirt has been dug, and we got $400 worth of gravel delivered last Friday, which is slowly but surely making it's way to it's new home where it will be the foundation for the cement, which will come at a later date.

Growing up, we spent a lot of time in our backyard. A LOT. And one of my favorite memories is eating summer dinners out on the patio furniture with the family, enjoying the summer weather. I want to do that here, and I want to be comfortable having people over when we want to. So while M is working on getting the area prepped for the cement people, I'm having fun looking at all the sweet patio furniture that I am sure I can't afford.

And maybe a fire pit. :)

And a place to grow some herbs!

Oh the possibilities are endless. I already have some excellent ideas stashed away on Pinterest for when the time comes, and I am totally looking forward to creating a great little oasis for us to hang out in!

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Jessa said...

I think that's one thing I'm most looking forward to when we have our own home, having a backyard to hang out in!