June 3, 2012

I'm Here*

Whew. It's been a couple of weeks since I've blogged anything. My apologies.

I have some blog posts in the works, including items that have been important to us these first couple of months, and a cloth diapering: 101 post that will be up & running in a couple of weeks when we are officially cloth diapering full time (right now we are at about 30% until we get our stash up!)

I go back to work tomorrow. My maternity is officially over as of midnight tonight, so it's been important to me to spend as much time with Lucas as I possibly can before I head back to the daily grind. Tomorrow is going to suck in so many ways, and I cannot believe that 12 weeks have flown by so fast. It feels like only a couple of weeks ago that I was here.

Time is moving too fast.

I have so many great updates to share, photos, tutorials and recipes ... once I get back into the work grind, I will have long lunches to spend working on personal things and I plan to blog more regularly. But until then, I'm snuggling with the little one as much as I can. Because lord knows, there will be tears galore tomorrow mornign when I kiss my little guy goodbye and head back to work.

Thanks for understanding. See you all real soon.


Heather said...

Good luck for tomorrow will be thinking of you.

Tsoniki Crazy Bull said...

Time definitely moves fast! I hope Lucas' first day with someone else went well.

I have a stash of cloth diapers and covers I'd love to bargain with you for! JW is ready to be done with diapers and I haven't used the cloth for a few months at least. They are workhorse diapers and I'll have to look at the covers to see what they are. Just let me know. :)