June 19, 2012

A New Direction*

I've decided that this little blog of mine needs a change.

So a change is what I am trying to do.

I've reached out and am trying to find a way to do an update to this here blog of mine. I feel like my focus has gotten a little lost when I write. Like there really isn't a purpose besides blogging about how my day went. In the beginning, I wanted to be different than the military/political blogging that I had been doing for so long ... and that happened ... for a while. My focus was purely infertility related, but with that chapter temporarily closed in my life [I'm sure it's a battle that will cross our paths again] I need to make some changes.

I know I write about it every once in a while [definitely more so in the beginning] but I want to get back to something more. Obviously, being a new mom is a huge part of my life right now, and I have so many things to talk about in that regards. But there are also some other great things that I am working on. My photography. My weight loss journey. The fun we are having with cloth diapering and baby wearing. The food that we are making at home. Returning to work full time. Things that are important to me, but that I'm not very good at talking about.

So, I'm making a shift. I'm hoping that in the coming months there will be a new blog design. I want to focus more on my life in general. I've been putting a lot of people/things in my life ahead of me for quite some time, and that needs to stop. At least for now.

So. Stay tuned. I hope I can turn this little blog into everything that I want it to be. And I hope you stick around for it. I promise, there will be lots of great, great things coming in the very near future!

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