July 3, 2012

Newborn Baby Girl*

Excuse the lack of posts around here lately! My father-in-law is in town visiting us from Portland and will be here for a couple more days. We've been busy trying to entertain, as well as beat the ridiculous heat that we have had down here in North Carolina the past few days. Needless to say, sitting on a couch with a warm laptop has not been very ideal! It's been an interesting few days with the FIL in here. I don't really write on family things too often (aside from myself and the kiddo) so I will leave it at that. But we are trying to be the best hosts possible.

I did, however, get to meet an adorable baby girl yesterday! Just one day old, this sweetie [who still does not have a name -- blame her indecisive mother! I can say that because she's a friend!] looks just like her daddy and is as tiny as can be. I am hoping to showcase more of my photography on here, so I might as well start with this!! I am wanting to wait to do too much before the new site launches, but because that's still two months away [eek! I can't wait!] I can't stop blogging all together!

So meet this beautiful mama and her gorgeous baby! B is a very good friend. Our husbands are in the same unit, but it was our infertility treatments that brought us together and over the past couple of years, she has become an amazing friend of mine. She went through six rounds of IUI before getting pregnant on her own with this baby, two months before her scheduled IVF. Although, her last IUI was cancelled due to overstimulation, so we are convinced she has SO MANY follies that they just kept right on coming, and one got lucky.  I will have more photos to come! [And if you want to follow my facebook page, go here!]

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Heather said...

Your photography is amazing! And that little girl is adorable.