August 1, 2012

Florida Vacation*

This past weekend, M & I decided to get out of town and get some much needed family time in. Things have been so hectic around here as we have figured out how to live life with two working parents while still getting some quality time in together. It's rough, let me tell you, but I know many of you understand this & can relate. So we decided to take advantage of a family beach house owned by my uncle & we took off to Satellite Beach, Florida, for a nice, long weekend.

Initially, I was worried about making the drive down. Lucas isn't the BIGGEST fan of his car seat. 98.3% of the time he does totally fine in it. But the kid get's antsy. A nine-hour car ride wasn't something that I was sure I could prepare for, but it had to happen so we did what we needed to do and made it work.

And let me tell you, that kid is a CHAMP. I rode up front with M for the first couple of hours until we needed to stop for our first diaper change. After that point, I decided to crawl into the back with him so I could feed him (totally grateful my child is bottle fed! This made SUCH A DIFFERENCE in our driving time!) & I ended up staying there for the remainder of the trip. It was so much easier to be able to talk & play with him then to worry about when he was going to start a melt down because he was hungry while we tried to find a place to pull over. This was a win-win situation for all involved. Baby was happy. Mom & Dad were happy.

The house that we stayed at was GORGEOUS. We were only a few blocks from the beach, and while it wasn't completed, the house has a pool that we completely plan on utilizing next time around (it was being filled as we were leaving town!) I was worried (again with the worrying!) about how Lucas would take to the beach & the ocean water, but again, my kid surprised me in total champ-mode. He loved it! I thought for sure he would erupt in whimpers and screams when he got wet (bath time hasn't always been our friend) but instead he just stood there and took it. I am constantly amazed at how chill our kid is. He is so low key and so easy. It's impressive.

If we weren't at the beach, we were watching the Olympics. It seemed silly to drive 700 miles to watch the Olympics, but I promise it would not have happened if we stayed at home. You know. Laundry. Cleaning. Grocery shopping. Errands. All the mess that gets in the way from truly relaxing. So it really was great to spend a weekend doing absolutely NOTHING and just spend time together as a family. It's something we haven't had a lot of quality time with lately so it was very refreshing to our needs. 

Our last full day we spent with my uncle as well as my AMAZING cousin Jessica and her family. I had not seen her since she was pregnant with her sweet little girl, who is TWO now! Totally unacceptable. She is one of the only people on that side of the family that I communicate with, and so it was so great to spend so much time with her and for our babies to meet and see each other (even though Lucas has no clue what was going on).

All in all it was a fabulous weekend. Neither of us were ready to make the trip back on Monday. The Florida sun was good to all of us (Lucas slept through the night all weekend!) and we enjoyed the time together. I definitely see more trips down there in the future!

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