January 21, 2013

Meal Planning Mondays*

One of my goals to help with my weight loss during this year was to be better about preparing meals. Working full time, it's typically 7:30 or so at night before I get a chance to make dinner for M & I, and even then, it was something typically whipped together that wasn't as healthy as it could have been. 

So I found a meal planning template on Pinterest (really ... life before Pinterest? I don't even remember), printed out 52 copies of it and threw it into a binder. It works perfectly for me because it includes a shopping list for each week that I can work on as I plan, tear off and I'm ready to go for the week. 

The main focus is dinners. My lunches & breakfast I am still working on, as well as fitting in some healthy snacks during they day. Recently, my breakfast has consisted of a hard boiled egg or two, or some oatmeal with fruit & nuts. Lunch varies but I am trying to be consistent with salads with some sort of protein (chicken or tuna). The first two weeks of working out resulted in zero weight loss, which, as I am sure you can imagine, was incredibly frustrating. So I am going to be more diligent about counting my calories and tweaking things until I find what works. 

I figured I would start sharing what is on our meal plan for the week. I have found quite a few great sites for low calorie but SERIOUSLY YUMMY recipes. They are definitely worth sharing! So here we go: 

Sunday, January 20th: Bunless Turkey Burger on salad.  
Monday, January 21st: Crock Pot Italian Sloppy Joes
Tuesday, January 22nd: Leftovers! (Gym night -- too tired to cook when I get home!) 
Wednesday, January 23rd: Chicken Basil Meatloaf & black beans
Thursday, January 24th: Leftovers! (Gym night!)
Friday, January 25th: Baked Chicken Parm over spaghetti squash & side salad
Saturday, January 26th: California Turkey Chili (this is a recipe from a cookbook I have. SO GOOD)

My plan is on Mondays to share a couple photos of new recipes that we tried out, hits, things we loved, things we didn't, etc. Just another way to keep me accountable!!! 

Happy Monday!


Lauren Dahl said...

Good on you! Here are some of my faves you might want to try (quick and/or healthy):

Baked Dijon Salmon (so quick and yummy): http://allrecipes.com/recipe/baked-dijon-salmon/detail.aspx

Southwestern Eggrolls (bake instead of fry for healthier, still very tasty option - can be frozen ahead!): http://joelens.blogspot.com/2010/05/southwestern-eggrolls.html

Rhe Christine said...

good for you girl! I have found that my weight loss goals and my budget benefit when I meal plan!