January 10, 2013

Nine Months*

Little man turned nine months old while we were in Seattle visiting family. Blogging wasn't something that was going to happen while we were out there, so I'm a little late on this (as always) but want to get these updates down regardless!

Lucas continues to be an amazing part of our lives. I am constantly amazed at how much he learns, grows, changes & challenges us on a daily basis. It's amazing to me how much he loves life, even at such an early age. He is so curious and constantly wants to be a part of whatever happens to be going on at that very moment. He is quick to peer over my shoulder, around the couch, through a doorway -- whatever he can do to see what he needs to see.

He is also continues to grow in crazy ways. Between Thanksgiving and his nine month birthday, he got two more teeth (with two more that followed shortly after). He weighs in at almost 25lbs, and while on the shorter end of things, is almost 28"

We are reaching that point where his first birthday is inching closer and closer. No longer do I have this tiny little newborn who needs me for every little thing. My kid is quite the opposite it feels like these days. He pushes away more than he snuggles. He is doing more and more on his own (although still little things in the grand scheme of it all) and every day, he looks more like a little BOY, then the baby I want him to stay. But even with that, my heart continues to swell at just how truly lucky we are to have a kid who is as amazing and wonderful as he is.

He truly is the happiest little kid out there.

We have entered the separation anxiety phase, though. There were many a time that I could walk out of  a room and he wouldn't notice. Not a near epic meltdown ensues almost every time. I would be lying if it didn't kind of make me feel good that he wants me around all the time, because I know that even though he is doing things on his own more and more, there is some peace in knowing that I can keep him calm. I know there will be days in the not so distant future where I will be an embarrassment, or an annoyance, or just a pain in the ass to him. So I am soaking in every aspect of this in-between phase -- not needing me for everything, but still needing me enough for others. (But really ... sometimes I just want to go to the bathroom alone!)

After what I feel like was MONTHS of fighting off one cold or another, he is finally on the mend and his eating habits are up again. This kid can MOW DOWN. No wonder he's the fluffy 25 lbs that he is! He is in no way, shape or form a picky eater as well. Food in front of his face? He will eat it. We are getting on a good routine of 4-5 8oz bottles a day. Typically one at breakfast, one at lunch, one at dinner and one before bed. Always one during the night.

Yes. My kid is 9 months old and still not sleeping through the night. As frustrating as this can be sometimes, part of me still enjoys it. I hate getting up at 2am. But I cherish every single snuggle that I get in those wee hours. They are important to me and again, something that I know will not last forever. They make me feel closer to him in ways that are hard to explain. Breastfeeding didn't work for us, so these are the only moments I have. I want to keep them as long as I can & I truly try to take advantage of every moment that he lets me hold him.

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gosh darnit girl, he's so cute!!!