February 27, 2013

Eleven Months*

We are officially counting down the days to the first birthday!

How did we get here??

Lucas hit the 11 month mark last Friday & in a way, it brought some sadness to my heart. Not because of what we have or what is to come, but I quickly realized how FAST this year is going. I'm just a few short weeks away from no longer having a baby, and having a full-blown toddler (even though he is very toddler-like in many, many ways).

It's crazy. And awesome. And sad all at the same time.

This past month has been rough for us. Around the time of the awful stomach virus that landed us in the ER for a night, we were graced with TWO WHOLE WEEKS of sleeping through the night. It was amazing. But as quick as it came, it went away, and I believe that we have been on Molar Watch 2013 ever since. Which has meant nights with sometimes three, four, five, SIX (yes, even six one time) wake-ups a night. I have another post about the sleep habits of my child, but I will tell you now, it has been rough. Between a rough pregnancy and a child who does not sleep through the night (and when he does, on occasion, sleep until at least five a.m.) I'm staring down the barrel at two years without a full-nights sleep. That shit will make you crazy after a while.

But despite the rough nights, he continues to grow and be amazing. He is officially all over the place & has become faster than even I can keep up with sometimes. He is funny & so full of personality. We are working on words, and while we have "mama" & "dada" down pretty well, we continue to introduce & repeat words to him in hopes that he will pick up some more. This is not at all anything I'm worried about at this point, but I would love for him to throw out a couple more words on a regular basis. He will get there!

He continues to LOVE food, as if you couldn't tell! He will try anything and if he doesn't initially like it, he will eat it regularly within a couple more tries. He is definitely his mother's child, because pasta (and, well, any kind of carb!) doesn't last long in front of him. Mac & Cheese are favorites, as well as eggs, chicken sausage and puffs. He seriously cannot get enough of the dang puffs.

The curly hair is coming in thicker and faster then ever before! Looking back at pictures from even just December, it's amazing how much hair this kid is growing (well, for a little blond haired baby!) We cannot quite figure out where the curls are coming from, but we hope they stick around and never leave. We all ADORE them! 

During this past month, we also took another, unexpected trip back to Seattle to say goodbye to my Grandpa. It was hard emotionally & physically, but not something that was unexpected. That is another post for another day, one that I am having difficulties writing, but Lucas was as good as he could have been being out of his element for so long. The trip was long, and we were constantly on the move to see family & friends during this time. But he was a champ & despite a rough sleep schedule, I know the entire family enjoyed having him around. 

I am so excited for this last month of your first year, while trying to hold on to it at the same time. I cannot wait to see what year two brings us as we continue to grow, change & adapt.

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Tsoniki said...

He is such a cutie. Here's to napping. :)