March 26, 2013

One Year*

Dear Lucas,

This past Friday, we celebrated your first birthday. You are officially ONE and no longer a baby (although you will always be MY baby).

This first birthday hit your father and I like a ton of brick, me more than him. I cannot, for the life of me, understand how we got here so fast. I remember your birth like it was yesterday

I adore you a little more every day, even through the trying times. I LOVE how, in the past couple of weeks, you finally understand the word "hug" and how free you are to give those hugs anytime you are asked. To me. To the dogs. To the two other kids at daycare. To Daddy? Not so much yet, but we are working on it. You squeeze my neck so tight and come in, mouth wide open, for a slobbery kiss. It is one of my favorite moments of the day and I try to get as many hugs from you as possible. I especially love how, late at night, when I am cradling you in the rocker before bed, you throw that left arm around my neck, prop your foot on my shoulder & hold on tight. There is a reason I still rock you for a few minutes every night -- that is it right there. I want to hold onto those moment as long as I can, because I know there will be a time when you won't let me cradle you like that anymore. I need to get it in when I can!

Your favorite games right now are playing peek-a-boo & "pushing" mom & dad around the floor. The giggles that we get from you when we scoot across the carpet are enough to make anybody within earshot burst into giggles. You are learning so quick & are so proud of yourself when you figure out something new. We love watching you learn & grow and while reaching this milestone has been difficult, it's a bittersweet moment.

I am pretty sure that if I let you, you would eat all day, every day. You are such a boy, in more ways than one! Food is your friend and you are DEFINITELY your mother's child -- if I only fed you cheese and pasta all day, every day, you would be the happiest kid on the planet. You play hard and love hard. We forget sometimes that some of the little girls in your life are a little daintier than you are, but we are working on those boundaries. I am sure that your daddy and I will be in a lot of trouble as you grow bigger.

We love you so much. You have been such a light in our life these past 12 months and despite all the struggles, we would not change a single thing. You are so sweet & caring -- that is apparent even now. You have been an easy child and a light in the lives of many. There are so many people in your life who love you so much. As hard as it is to say goodbye to you being a "baby," I cannot wait for this new step into toddler-hood, and cannot wait to see what the next six months and year bring.

Stay sweet baby boy. We love you.

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Julie Danielle said...

Happy Birthday Lucas!