April 17, 2013

Girls Weekend in Savannah!

A while back, my amazingly awesome friend Lauren & I decided that since we were both parting way [*sniff. sniff*] in the coming months because of military moves, that we needed a girls weekend together. Lauren is, hands down, one of my best friends here in town, and easily earns that title as well in the rest of my life. While it was our struggle with infertility that brought us together, my life has been better with her in it these past couple of years & I am trying to not think about the fact that we won't be living just a couple minutes from each other after May.

Sorry husbands. You thought our texting was bad before?

Just you wait.

So with what's to come, we knew we needed to maximize our time together! We took off to Savannah, GA, for the weekend with another very good girlfriend of mine (my awesome birth buddy, Jenny, who held my hand & cheered me on during Lucas's delivery). We arrived late Friday night, checked into the hotel and got some rest! For me, it was a much needed weekend away, as well as some great quality time with amazing women!

Saturday morning we got up, got ready, ate an overpriced breakfast at the hotel that we thought (according to the website, AHEM!) was free (it wasn't) and hit the town. We had all been to Savannah before, which made the trip a little easier. We drove to the Visitor Center & hopped on the Trolley Tour, which gave us not only a great overview of the city, but also easy access to the historic district without having to figure out the parking situation. The tour was fun, entertaining & educational! Since two of the three of us had been former Girl Scouts, we did make a quick stop at the Juliet Gordon Low House to do the tour. Also educational! YAY EDUCATION!

The weather was perfect. We really could not have asked for a better Saturday to explore the town. It was warm & sunny; sunscreen was definitely in order (I missed a couple of spots. Whoops.) but because we are still early in the year, the nasty Southern humidity had not kicked in. It was a perfect combination for a really great day and I think we all enjoyed the time together.

Savannah has quickly become one of my favorite cities to visit. This was the third time I have been, and every time I fall a little more in love with it. The old world charm. The history. The gorgeous, gorgeous homes that I will never be able to own in a million years (trust me. Zillow told me so. Jenny & I spent about an hour on the iPad looking up beautiful, beautiful homes.) I could spend an entire weekend just walking around the city, taking photos of all the amazing architecture and gorgeous scenery. One of the things I am looking forward to most in our upcoming move is that we will be a little bit closer to this wonderful city. A mere two and a half hours away; doable for a day trip or a short weekend without feeling rushed or travel weary. The husband is a big fan of Savannah as well, so I see many frequent trips in the next couple of years.

We attempted to head over to Tybee Island, but because it was so gorgeous out, apparently everybody else had the same idea. About 10 miles to the lighthouse, we got stuck in bumper to bumper traffic that wasn't really moving. We turned around and headed back to the historic district, and then quickly decided that we should head back to the hotel to rest for an hour/freshen up before dinner.

Oh yes, y'all. Paula Deen was calling our name.

Dinner was at The Lady & Sons restaurant in the historic district. We had ALL eaten there before, and it was definitely a given that we would be eating there again. Let me tell you all -- it was worth it. Every calorie that filled me up & kept me full for the next two days was amazingly worth it. I could have rolled out of there and probably should have just walked the five miles back to the hotel. The food was, as always, amazing. Can I say amazing one more time? It was amazing.

We all slept very well that night, and slept in quite a bit the next morning. It was 8:30 before we woke up (a time that I KNOW Lauren and I don't get to sleep past too often!) on Sunday morning. We took our time packing up our things & headed to Clary's for breakfast -- a local hotspot with lots of history and connections. The food was good (of course it was) and our belly's were content on the ride back home.

All in all, a truly great weekend. I am so blessed to have amazing friends like these two and my heart hurts knowing that we won't have many more times like this in the future. I am grateful for the opportunity we had over the weekend! As I said, it was much needed and beneficial for my soul. Also, any excuse to get to Savannah is a good one in my book!

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