June 25, 2013

When the Army Strikes

Oy, people. Oy!

We have had a rough go lately. These past couple of months & this move have been taxing on our family, which is kind of a huge understatement.

It seems we have been playing a game of "will we or won't we?!" these past few weeks. Plain & simple, we are not moving to Augusta in three or four weeks like we had planned. We are still going, but just not until October now. The Army has struck again and gave my husband orders at the most difficult of times. There wasn't enough time of service left on his current contract to report to his new two-year position, but he was too far out to reenlist.

We ran in circles, were threatened with an 18-month unaccompanied tour to Korea, signed our life away to the military (aka, reenlisted for a full 20 years. 10 down, 10 to go!), requested orders, never received orders, were told we couldn't go, then we could go, then we couldn't, and at the very end of it were given a new class date followed by a new report date.

That's the abridged version.

Luckily, all of our ducks were not QUITE in a row yet. We had found a pretty awesome house just outside of Augusta (with a POOL! Waaaaaa!!!!!) that we had committed to, but had not yet signed the lease or made our deposit. Phew. We had also had an appointment to get our house listed, but cancelled that because it doesn't make sense to do just yet (but we will be ready to go in about a month or so!) Basically, we are on hold for a couple more months before we start gearing up again for another move.

Aside from the house situation, it has also made my work life a little difficult. My job was planning on me leaving in a couple short weeks, even though no official notice had been given by me yet. I had to tell them sorry, just joking, but then there was a matter of me flying home to see family in the near future. The original plan was to go in September/October, near the end of my second trimester & to stay a couple of weeks out in Seattle. With a due date of January 9th, we obviously aren't going anywhere for the holidays, and with my husbands new job & the limited time off he will receive for the next two years, there's no way I'm flying solo cross-country with two kiddos. Which means it may be a while before a trip back West takes place.

But now that we are moving in September/October, the trip had to be bumped up. Work wouldn't approve my vacation request (why would they? Doesn't make sense to leave for two weeks just to come back for two weeks!) so I gave my unofficial notice (again) yesterday, saying that my last day would be mid-August, right before I fly to Seattle. Then it's two weeks in Seattle (Sun! Water! Mountains! GREAT food! Dave Matthews Band at the Gorge with my best friend!!) with the rest of September to pack & get ready for the move.

So ... phew. So much going on. I'm kind of glad that we aren't going just yet -- it felt a little rushed, mostly with everything that has happened, but now we have a little better time to plan & figure some things out. We do have to start the house search over again, which is a giant pain, but oh well. It is what it is.

In the mean time, I'm glad to not be moving ... yet :)


Anonymous said...

"Phew" is right! I'm glad you have a little more time to plan though :)

Julie Danielle said...

Don't you just love the way the Army "helps" you plan stuff? I hope you can find another house with a pool when the time comes!

Heather said...

Crumbs, how awful, but well done you to adjusting to it all!

Sarah said...

Ah, the Army. Isn't it grand? ;-)

New follower - but thought I'd throw out that I'm in Augusta and DYING for friends here! We just moved here in March and I only know a couple people. Also, my daughter is 15 months and we're expecting a new one in December. :)

I just realized that probably sounded a tad, um...creepy. =P BUT if you get here and want to meet up, let me know! I promise I'm not creepy. Just awkward. Lol