July 10, 2013

Stress, Stress & More Stress

The Army. I really don't know what to say to you right now.

I'm beginning to think that this move/PCS will never happen. Or if it does, it will be at the last minute to somewhere we weren't expecting or preparing for. A total clusterfuck.

Once again, everything is up in the air. We finally got things sorted out -- a new class date followed by a new report date in October -- and the owner of the home we were going to rent was very gracious and told us she would hold the home for us until we got there. Things were moving along.

And then some Colonel higher up decided he didn't want to sign a piece of paper. A PIECE OF PAPER. This document is the needed document to allow my husband to attend the school in August. If he DOESN'T attend this school, he cannot report to his new assignment. No new assignment  means no PCS. M's 1st SGT is trying to pull some strings with Branch to see about getting our orders cancelled all together and/or send us somewhere else. But of course, everybody is on leave right now, so answers aren't happening. On top of that, the entire Brigade is heading to training at the end of the month -- for four weeks -- essentially leaving us high and dry until they come back. This of course coincides with the time M needs to be at school. I think at this point we are banking on us not going to GA, because we don't seem to be getting any answers.

In the mean time, I gave my notice at work. Starting mid-August, I will be out of a job. The reasons for doing so were mostly out of my control. I got backed into a corner and ultimately, didn't really have any choice. Can we say completely unsupportive of the military lifestyle? Yup. That would be the polite way to describe how I feel about things. But this means no income for me, and staying at home. I know that there are a lot of mothers out there who would kill for this opportunity, and I know that I will enjoy it. But I've mentioned before that I enjoy working. I like my career. I like having a purpose. I WANT to work. I also enjoy the lifestyle we are able to have with two incomes. While I don't necessarily want to be here where I am anymore, I DO want to do something else.

I honestly don't know what is going to happen. I am desperately searching for companies that allow telecommuting in the Public Relations/Communications field, but I'm struggling to find anybody/anything/anyone. I would love to work from home, and therefore take my job with me if and when we ever leave here, but this seems to be a long shot. M is keeping his head as cool as possible (although I think he is more frustrated with all of this than I am) and financially, we will be ok. It's just not an ideal situation.

I'm doing everything I can not to pull my hair out, but this whole situation is making me stabby. Bitter. Angry. Annoyed. All in all, I'm not a real joy to be around these days. It's times like this I really could use a LARGE glass of wine ...


Sunny said...

absolutely ridiculous. so sorry. xo

Anonymous said...

Totally horrible situation. I hate that you are dealing with this.