August 1, 2013

Now What?

So there we were. Waiting on orders for a military move that apparently are never going to come. Not for this assignment at least. It's nearly official, save for some paperwork from a Colonel up the chain. Fort Gordon & Georgia are not happening. Not for this assignment.

This whole process, the MONTHS it has taken us to get here, is beyond frustrating. If it wouldn't take me an entire day to sit here and detail the chain of events, I would. But trust me when I say it is ridiculous.

I could cry.

Instead I try to do the normal military spouse thing and be strong for my husband. This is his career, not mine, and I know his frustration levels are much higher than mine. While we wait, we need to also figure out our next move. Hopefully, once things are finalized, we can find a new job. Bottom line is we can't stay here at Bragg, so a move is inevitable. But will that be two months from now or next year? We don't know. All the meanwhile, I sit here wondering what's next for our life. Where will we go? What will we do? What will *I* do? I don't have a job as of two weeks from now, due to unfortunate circumstances with my current employer. A trip to Seattle will be happening a couple of weeks but once I'm back, then ... ??? I don't know.

I need ... something. Most of our close friends have moved away. The twitter community (where I have gone in the past for support when needed) I feel has turned into this high school clique where once again, I'm not cool enough to hang with the in-crowd. Instead, I just use it to bitch about my daily frustrations, while shared successes & happy moments are rarely celebrated with me. It's a place where I end up apologizing more often than I should or feeling bad for sharing what's happening/how I'm feeling when that should not at all the case. Regardless, I miss having friends nearby and with our always changing army situation, I'm just feeling a little lost as to where exactly I fit in these days. It seems to really be nowhere.

I know this all sounds entirely childish. My insecurities are running rampant these days, if you could not tell. Maybe it's the extra hormones that are making me more sensitive than usual, but there is just this feeling of "what next?" Aside from a small, tiny handful of individuals, it's hard to talk about all of this with anybody due to the complicated nature of how we got where we are. But it's really only those few individuals who are asking. I will admit that I am jealous of some of the friendships I have seen develop & wishful that I could find more people that understand. This bubble that I'm in is a complicated one. I relied on the infertility world for so long, but with sort of getting the boot from that group (with no blame on anyone) but not really fitting into a normal "mommy group" I sort of feel myself wandering, reaching out to people, testing the waters and so desperately wanting to ask "will you be my friend?" It's dumb. I realize this. My nonsensical fear of people not liking me, you would think, would be long gone by 32 years old. But alas, here it sits.

Lack of support seems to be a common theme with me. So maybe it's my fault? I think I need to step back for a while and stop putting what I need on others and just tackling the issue on my own. Point of all of this being (sorry it took so long to get there) that I need to stop expecting sympathy, and instead realize that with my upcoming unemployment, take the opportunity to figure my life out; find a new passion and run with it, whatever that passion might be. Be more selective about who I open my heart to because nine times out of ten, I don't really get anything back and that's not fair. I'll probably be stepping back from social media because really, what good is it? (don't answer that. I know there is lots of good to it!) But for me, it's not serving as the outlet that I need it to, that it once was. Those that care, they know where to find me. Those that don't care, well, that's fine, too.

So yeah. Mission. To better my life. To not feel like a wanderer who doesn't really get to wander. To cut out some more negative and find some more positive. We will see what happens.


Poekitten said...

The military is often so frustrating! I hope it works out soon and hopefully even better than you expected! Maybe a move to JBLM can happen now?!?

And HUGS! The lack of IRL friends nearby is hard!

Esperanza said...

Argh! I just wrote a long comment and my iPad ate it. This one will have of be shorter. Sorry.

I just wanted to say that I've written a very similar post myself, probably many times. Twitter got so bad for me that I abandoned the site completely. I had people who I once considered friends blocking me from their private feeds without even telling me. I was worse than high schoo because I had actual proof that they didn't like me anymore and were trying to avoid me. It was awful.

It's really hard to feel like everyone has a tribe but you. I keep telling myself that it will get better as our kids get older. I don't know if that is actually true but it's what I tell myself. ;)

I hope you figure out a way to feel more grounded. Good luck with your new project, focusing on you. That's a good way to begin I think.

Tsoniki said...

Ugh, all of that military stuff sucks. Sorry you guys are dealing with it.

I agree w/ twitter, I all but left that place too. I can't manage to be "friends" with a HUGE crazy amount of people. I try to jump back in once in a while, but it doesn't really work. Instagram is where I am these days, and I still read blogs. LOL Hope you feel better soon. I am in the same boat as you are - friendships are hard to make and maintain in person! And of course hard online too.

SLESE1014 said...

My husband isn't in the military, but we're kind of sitting on edge waiting to find out what's happening with his job. We could be moving or we could be staying put, but to move up we'll have to move. We don't know where, but farther from family than I would hope. I like you have little support in the way of friends, at least in real life. I'm so sorry you're going through this...I kind of feel like I'm in a similar place so I kind of understand. I think you've got the right attitude in moving forward and I hope to use you as an inspiration in my hopes for a more positive outlook!

Rhe Christine said...

Man, I really hate that. When you can't control something it images it harder. We just need to be strong for them (blah, who wants to do that). We are sort of remote as far as direct support from a unit and it really makes it hard. S I feel ya on that end. I never got into twitter as a personal thing. You should fine me on fb girl! I'll support you in your success!! You my friend, are bright, strong and determined! I know you will find your passion and succeed