May 30, 2014

Here ... Barely

Oy, people.

I am here, I promise. But life is a little nuts right now, and blogging, no matter how badly I want to do it, is the last thing on my priority list right now (sad face).

We are knee deep in getting ready to move. The countdown is on -- packers will be here in a little over three weeks, so we are in panic mode to get everything done & ready. Hotels have been booked. Car rentals have been taken care of. Painters, carpet picked out and workers scheduled. Passports have all arrived. Luggage is slowly being accumulated. Household items sorted. Repairs made.

The list is long. LONG. Three pages long. But we are getting there. As a result, we are busy, constantly.

I will return when I get just a few minutes to breath & give proper updates. Hope you all are doing well.


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