May 6, 2014


Holy cow I have been wanting to blog forever now. FOREVER. It's frustrating, honestly, to not have the time that I want to have, but alas, it is what it is.

Life is bananas.

Two kids is hard. I'm not going to lie about that. Maybe hard is the wrong word? Challenging? Time consuming? Exhausting? I love my kiddos and the moments we have are truly amazing, but good lord. I'm almost four months into the whole "two kid" thing and still feel like I am treading water most days. I still feel like I'm screwing it up most days as well. And the move -- good lord, the move -- shit is getting real, really fast. We have less than two months before we are on the plane, and an even shorter amount of time before the packers and the movers arrive to do their thing.

We have also had visitors GALORE in this house. It's been wonderful & we have enjoyed every minute of it these past few months! But it definitely adds to the "busy" factor.

I took everything down off the walls today. Our house goes up on the rental websites next week. Our passports have all arrived. Things are being purged. Sorted. Donated. And I have two insanely awesome kids who keep me on my toes every minute of every day. And for the next three weeks, I'm rockin' it solo as my husband is off learning about his new job.

Send coffee. And wine. I'll check back in when I can.

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